Is the $750 Covid Disaster Payment Still Open? Eligibility, Payment Date, Latest Updates

Updated on February 14, 2024

Discover vital details about the ongoing availability of the $750 Covid Disaster Payment. Find information on eligibility, payment dates, and the latest updates here. If you’re waiting for the delayed payment, read the entire article for instructions. Survivors and those facing financial challenges during the pandemic have already received their payments. We’ll also delve into eligibility criteria and discuss whether the payment is expected this year.

$750 Covid Disaster Payment is Still Available?

During the COVID-19 period, citizens grappled with challenges such as lockdowns, quarantine, illness, food shortages, and insufficient oxygen supply. The harsh reality included witnessing loved ones taking their last breath, leaving an enduring pain. The pandemic impacted everyone, with losses in family, loved ones, and finances still affecting people.

To ease the burden, the Government introduced the $750 Covid Disaster Payment, assisting those struggling with healthcare bills and daily expenses. While the aid was modest, it made a significant difference for millions of Australians. Payments are often seen as a means of supporting the cost of living, with variations in amounts depending on individual incomes. The relief continues to play a crucial role for those navigating the aftermath of the pandemic.

$750 Covid Disaster Payment Date

Making a living turned into a real struggle for people during the pandemic. With offices, streets, and shops shutting down due to the virus’s impact, everyone was confined to their homes. Financial instability became a significant challenge as people couldn’t go to work or earn sufficient funds due to the consecutive lockdowns.

The payment announcement came on May 28, 2021, and beneficiaries received it as scheduled in June 2021. A substantial amount of $750 was deposited into their bank accounts, offering much-needed financial relief. Importantly, the payment was non-taxable, allowing citizens the flexibility to use the funds for their well-being.

$750 Covid Disaster Payment Eligibility

The State and Territory Governments are sending funds directly to people’s accounts. To be eligible for the Disaster Payment for Pandemic Leave:

  1. Permanent residents can apply.
  2. Citizens who missed around 20 hours of work in a day or were full-time are eligible.
  3. Their income must meet the specified criteria.

Applicants who lost eight hours of work per day or week receive $450, while those who missed at least 20 hours get $750.

$750 Covid Disaster Payment News

The Australian Government’s Treasury Department allocated a substantial amount to pandemic financial crisis victims. While initially challenged by fake applications, officials eventually managed to transfer payments to genuine individuals.

If Australians haven’t received their last installment, they can reapply on the Business Victoria website. Those who applied from January 17, 2022, should call the emergency line, while online claims are available for those applying from January 18, 2022. Though the program has closed, queries can still be made for confirmation during working hours, excluding weekends and public holidays.

Discussion about the $750 Covid Disaster Payment continues, with many applicants awaiting their funds. Call 1800 020 008 for assistance, and check the varied office locations on the Contact Us page of

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