January 2024 Grocery Rebates: Who Qualifies for Payments in Canada?{2024}

Updated on June 14, 2024

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Grocery Rebate Payments

The Grocery Rebate Payment program was introduced by the Canadian government to offset the increased grocery costs due to inflation. Announced alongside the Budget 2023, it provided relief to 11 million eligible Canadians. The rebate is targeted at families with low to moderate incomes, and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is overseeing the distribution through checks or direct deposits. As per the government’s announcement, this one-time payment is scheduled to be made annually.

If you’re a Canadian struggling with rising food prices, stick with us through this article. The Grocery Rebate payment in 2024, coupled with your GST/HST credit, could be a potential benefit for you in the future.

What is the Grocery Rebate Plan

The Food Price Report 2023 forecasted a potential 7% increase in grocery prices in Canada, projecting annual expenses for a four-person family to surpass $15,000. To counter the impact on low-income families, the government initiated the Grocery Rebate plan in the summer of 2023.

To aid Canadians facing financial challenges due to increasing food costs, the federal government provides a one-time payment called the Grocery Rebate. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau states that the plan is designed to support those most affected by the rising food prices. You can check if the rebate has been deposited into your account by logging into your CRA account.

Grocery Rebate Payments Date

Article NameGrocery Rebate Payment
RegulatorsCanada Revenue Agency
PurposeObjective In an effort to combat the rising cost of food
Rebate Payment Date 2024Expected in July 2024
Rebate Amount Range$225-$628
CRA Official websitehttps://www.canada.ca/

Grocery Rebate Payment Amount

Your financial status in January 2024 and your adjusted family net income from 2022 will determine your 2024 payment amount, taking into account your marital status and number of children. The rebate amounts are typically as follows:

  • Couples with no kids: $306
  • Couples and individuals with one child: $387
  • Couples and individuals with two children: $467
  • Couples and individuals with three children: $548
  • Couples and individuals with four children: $628
  • Individuals with no kids: $234
  • Seniors: $255

It’s important to note that if your net income on your tax return exceeds $39,826, your payments will be reduced. Generally, the Grocery Rebate amount will be double the January 2023 GST/HST credit amount.

Grocery Rebate Payment Eligibility

Similar to other government programs, the Grocery Rebate payment has specific eligibility requirements in place. These criteria ensure that the benefits are directed to those who genuinely qualify and are in need within the nation.

We’ve outlined some key eligibility requirements below:

  1. If you are a resident of Canada for income tax purposes, you qualify for this credit.
  2. Canadians with a household income of $38,000 or less annually or individuals with $32,000 or less are eligible for the grocery rebate.
  3. Eligibility for the Grocery Rebate is contingent on filing a tax return.
  4. Those eligible for the GST/HST credit in January 2024 will also qualify for the Grocery Rebate.
  5. If you meet these criteria, the CRA will automatically assess your eligibility and deposit the benefit amount into your account. The procedure for making the payment will resemble that of your GST/HST credit.

Grocery Rebate Payment in 2024?

The upcoming GST/HST credit payment, scheduled for next year, will now include the Grocery Rebate, benefiting families and Canadians with low to modest incomes. Following the pattern from 2023, where the Grocery Rebate was paid on July 5, a similar payment date is expected in 2024.

Notably, acquiring the Grocery Rebate doesn’t require a separate application. Eligible recipients will automatically receive the one-time payment if they have filed their 2022 income tax and benefit return. This aligns with the process in 2023, where the rebate was based on the 2021 returns.

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