2024 Canada Long Weekends: Comprehensive List for Toronto, Alberta, and Beyond

Updated on June 15, 2024

Are you looking forward to the holidays? Explore our post on Long Weekend 2024 in Canada, featuring a complete list of extended weekends in Toronto, Alberta, and more. Discover the statutory holidays for the upcoming year and plan your schedule accordingly with the shared Long Weekend Canada list.

Long Weekend 2024 Canada

Throughout the year, we eagerly anticipate that dream vacation, and what better time than a long weekend? With offices and schools closed, it’s the perfect opportunity for the whole family to spend quality time together.

Occasionally, multiple holidays align with a weekend, offering a refreshing break from the usual daily routine. Keep in mind that these holidays can vary based on your region of residence. Explore the upcoming long weekend details in the following sections.

Is there a Long Weekend in Canada in 2024?

Absolutely! Canada is set to enjoy at least ten long weekends in the upcoming year, although the exact number may vary slightly between provinces. Typically, when there’s a holiday spanning three consecutive days or more, it’s commonly referred to as a long weekend.

The majority of these holidays fall outside the months of April, July, and December. To make the most of these breaks, they typically need to land on either a Friday or a Monday. It’s a perfect opportunity to plan a spontaneous getaway or a leisurely vacation with friends or family.

Complete List of Long Weekend in Canada

Statutory vacations tend to be similar across all regions with minor variations. Here, we’ve provided comprehensive details of long weekends in Canada, encompassing holidays specific to certain areas as well.


New Year’sDec 30th to Jan 1st (there can also be an additional holiday for the Day after New Year’s on Jan 2nd.)
Family DayFeb 17th to Feb 19th
Good Friday + EasterMarch 29th to April 1st
Victoria DayMay 18th to May 20th
Canada DayJune 29th to July 1st
Civic HolidayAug 3rd to Aug 5th
Labour DayAug 31st to Sept 2nd
Truth and Reconciliation DaySept 28th to Sept 30th
ThanksgivingOct 12th to Oct 14th
Remembrance DayNov 9th to Nov 11th
Christmas + Boxing DayDec 25th to Dec 29th (excluding Dec 27th)

These holidays offer a wonderful opportunity to engage in hobbies, unwind, or explore different parts of the country with your loved ones.

What to do During a Long Weekend?

Canada offers a plethora of destinations for spontaneous vacation plans. The list is endless, featuring captivating places with scenic drives. You can explore these destinations using the transportation mode of your preference. Below, we’ve highlighted some provinces where you can make the most of your long weekend.

Ontario Long Weekend

We’re all familiar with Niagara Falls, but only a few are acquainted with Niagara-on-the-Lake. Situated close to the waterfall, it’s an ideal spot for a picnic. The region boasts numerous vineyards, making it a must-visit for wine enthusiasts.

Ottawa is one of the most beloved destinations in the province, renowned for its historical palaces that captivate visitors with stunning architecture. As the capital, it’s a treasure trove to explore, filled with plenty of elegant places.

The Bruce Peninsula, just a few hours from Toronto, is the ultimate destination for beach lovers. Explore hiking spots in the vicinity and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

Montreal Long Weekend

Visiting this place is a delightful experience, offering numerous historical sites where visitors can delve into the region’s rich history. For shopping enthusiasts, the market is a must-visit, providing a leisurely stroll with shops both along the streets and even underground!

Alberta Long Weekend

Calgary is another destination that can help you unwind and alleviate stress during the long weekend in Canada. Don’t miss the iconic Calgary Tower, where you can take a stroll on the glass floor for a unique experience.

Banff, located near Calgary, offers a retreat to the hot springs in the Rockies, making it a dream destination for mountain enthusiasts. With plenty of hiking options, it provides a perfect getaway.

We’ve just highlighted a few among the many places you can visit and enjoy during the long weekend. Treasure your vacations and create unforgettable moments in various parts of the country!




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