MySalam 2024: Check Status, Log In, Register, Eligibility Criteria

Explore this post for a comprehensive overview of MySalam 2024: Check your Status, Log In, Register, and find out who qualifies.

MySalam 2024

The Malaysian government is committed to ensuring the well-being of all citizens, especially the vulnerable B40 low-income group. The ongoing mySalam Scheme, extended for two more years in the 2024 Budget, aims to offer free health takaful coverage to individuals aged 18 to 65 within the B40 category. Those hospitalized for up to 14 days annually will receive a daily payment of RM700 or RM50 as replacement income.

Learn all about MySalam 2024, including its purpose, eligibility criteria, registration process, and other essential details in this post. Keep reading to gain a comprehensive understanding of this Malaysian scheme.

What is MySalam?

MySalam, a free health protection takaful scheme under the MySalam Community Protection program and the MySalam Trust Fund, provides takaful protection for eligible individuals. Aiming to benefit eight million Malaysians, this program offers free takaful health coverage.

For those eligible, mySalam offers the advantage of a one-time RM8,000 claim upon the diagnosis of any of the 45 Critical Illnesses. Additionally, the government has approved the extension of mySalam protection to Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia eligible beneficiaries starting from 2022.

MySalam Semakan Status & Login

To check your claim status, visit For the latest updates, contact MYSALAM at 1-300-88-1900. Access the My Salam login portal at, using your entry point number to complete the login process. You’ll receive an SMS with your ID and password. Eligible recipients will be notified through the Short Message Service (SMS).

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MySalam Registration

Beneficiaries can register for MySalam online without the need for a medical checkup to verify eligibility. Here’s how to submit a quarantine claim using the mySalam application:

  1. Download the mySalam application.
  2. On the first login, register by entering your ID card number and hitting send.
  3. Receive a temporary password.
  4. Use the temporary password for your initial login.
  5. Change your password on subsequent logins.
  6. Update your profile.
  7. Gather necessary documents.
  8. Review the terms.
  9. Complete the claim form.
  10. Upload and attach required files.
  11. Necessary documentation includes the applicant’s bank account, ID card, hospitalization letter from KKM, and an active phone number.

The MySalam program is set to continue until 2025 due to positive feedback from Malaysia’s B40 population. Claims can be made at any time, as the registration line is open year-round.

Who is Eligible?

To check eligibility for the MySalam insurance program catering to the poorest 40 percent (B40) income category, visit Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) financial aid beneficiaries meeting the following criteria qualify for the mySalam Scheme:

  1. Individuals aged 18 to 65.
  2. Single individuals aged 40 to 65 earning less than RM24,000 annually.
  3. People with disabilities earning less than RM24,000 annually.

For assistance, contact or call the mySalam line at 1 300 888 938, available 24/7. If qualified for mySalam but haven’t received an SMS or status message, reach out using the provided contact information.

Those eligible for mySalam will receive an SMS. If you qualify but haven’t received the SMS, contact or call the mySalam line at 1 300 888 938, open 24/7.

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