NZ SuperGold Card: Application, Discounts, Applying, Replacement

Discover SuperGold Card NZ details: Application, Discounts, How to Apply, and Replacement. Seniors can access financial support post-retirement through this card, enjoying discounts on daily expenses. Explore more in this article.

SuperGold Card NZ

The SuperCard is specifically designed for New Zealand’s senior citizens, offering financial assistance for services, transportation, and accommodation. Typically issued alongside the Super Allowance, those receiving Superannuation are automatically enrolled for the SuperCard.

Even if not receiving the allowance, individuals can apply for the card by meeting eligibility criteria. The SuperCard, also known as the Gold Card, presents a valuable opportunity to enhance savings on everyday expenses, with numerous discounts available. From utility bills to medical expenses and food services, it contributes to daily savings.

SuperGold Card Application

The Ministry of Social Development issues the card exclusively to senior citizens aged 65 and above. Eligible candidates can apply for the Golden Card either on their 65th birthday or 12 weeks before. Generally, the card is issued within 60 weeks of submitting the application.

Retired armed forces veterans can apply for the Veteran Gold Card, unlocking exclusive discounts. To qualify, candidates need to submit the original copy stamped by a Justice of Peace. This card opens doors to discounts on business and council services for eligible veterans.

SuperGold Card Discount

The card offers discounts on various daily essentials and services, enhancing your everyday life. Participating food services and restaurants provide specific discounts for cardholders, including:

  • 10% off coffee or tea
  • 15% discount on accommodation
  • $100 off on group travel
  • 10% off accounting and tax services
  • 5% off baby items
  • 20% off vehicle services
  • 15% off woollen clothing
  • 10% off desserts
  • 10% off vaccination and treatment
  • 15% off vet clinical treatments
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Additionally, certain companies like Neal Leaming, Ink Pot, the Great Expressor, and Scully Limited offer substantial discounts of around 20% on their services and travel. Enjoy the perks!

How to Apply for SuperGold Card

The Golden Card serves as a channel of communication between New Zealand authorities and its citizens, expressing gratitude to older individuals for their tax contributions. Those eligible for the super allowance will automatically receive the card from the Department of Social Development, delivered within weeks via mail. Candidates already receiving the allowance don’t need to apply, but those who aren’t should follow a simple application process.

To apply, candidates fill out a form on the Department of Social Development’s official website, providing personal information, contact details, residential proof, and previous year’s tax returns. It’s an easy way to connect and acknowledge the valuable contributions of older citizens.

Super Gold Card Replacement

The Support Card now replaces the Community Card, rendering the latter obsolete after the approval of the Golden Card. Some areas offer a combo benefit, combining the Supercard and the Community Card. Citizens with these combo cards can enjoy various discounts and benefits. The cards, identified by the initial “CIS” and the expiry date on the back, provide a convenient way to access perks.

As the combo card approaches expiration, a new card with updated data and discounts is generated and issued to eligible citizens. Those with either of the cards should apply for the combo card if they meet the qualification requirements. Stay updated and enjoy the combined advantages!


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