February 2024 OAS Payment Schedule and Status Update

Updated on June 14, 2024

Explore the information regarding OAS payment schedules for February 2024, encompassing details on disability benefits, Old Age Security payment statuses, and other pertinent information. This article delves into various aspects of OAS Payment Dates in February 2024, shedding light on essential details for recipients.

OAS Payment Dates February 2024

Old Age Security (OAS) constitutes a monthly financial support system for individuals aged 65 and above. Typically, eligible individuals must initiate the OAS application process, which can be done online or offline. Nevertheless, some qualifying individuals are automatically enrolled in the OAS Pension program through Service Canada.

The Government of Canada disburses monthly payments to those registered in the OAS system. The specific amount an individual receives as part of the OAS Pension is contingent on various factors, including their age and duration of residency in Canada. The upcoming OAS Payment is scheduled for February 27, 2024.

Old Age Security Payment February 2024

NameOld Age Security
Administered byGovernment of Canada
TypeMonthly Pension Plan
Age65 or older
Payment (Age 65 – 74)707.68 dollars
Payment (Age 75 or more)778.45 dollars
Application modeOnline/Offline
Last Payment DateFebruary 27, 2024

OAS Disability Payment Dates 2024

Both OAS and CPP Disability Benefits share the same payment date, which is February 27. The Government of Canada consistently updates the schedule for upcoming and subsequent payments. As per the pension calendar, the most recent OAS payment was issued on September 27.

Furthermore, the monetary benefits for individuals reaching the age of 65 can be augmented if they choose to defer their initial payment. Opting for a delay leads to an increased amount for each month postponed, with a maximum deferral period of 60 months post the age of 65. Prolonged delays translate into higher pension payments for each subsequent month.

As of July 2022, there has been a 10% increment in the Old Age Security pension for individuals aged 75 and above. The initial OAS Payment is scheduled for either the chosen specific date or a month following the individual’s 65th birthday.

Old Age Security Pension Amount 2024

The Old Age Security Pension Amount in 2024 is contingent upon the annual net income. Individuals aged 65 to 74 must ensure that their annual net world income for 2022 is below $142,609, while those aged 75 or older should aim for an annual net world income below $148,179.

The OAS Pension Amount also varies according to age brackets. Individuals aged 65 to 74 can receive a maximum monthly payment of $707.68, whereas those aged 75 or older are eligible for a maximum monthly payment of $778.45.

Moreover, an added feature is the “Old Age Security Benefits Estimator,” providing eligible individuals with information on their maximum OAS pension through a questionnaire. To utilize this tool, individuals need to provide details such as age, legal status, marital status, net income, spouse or common-law partner information (if applicable), and residence history.

OAS Payment Dates 2024

In the present year, the initial OAS Payment was issued on January 29, 2024. Individuals receiving benefits can refer to the Pension Calendar accessible on the official Government of Canada website for the most recent updates regarding OAS Payment Dates in 2024.

Check the OAS Payment Dates 2024 –

Payment Dates
1January 29
2February 27
3March 26
4April 26
5May 29
6June 26
7July 29
8August 28
9September 25
10October 29
11November 27
12December 30

The final OAS Payment for 2024 was processed on December 20. Recipients will receive their designated payments through the chosen method specified in their applications.

OAS Application 2024

To apply for the OAS Pension, you’ll first need to check your eligibility. Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility, the next step is deciding when you want to start receiving OAS Payments. After making this decision, proceed to submit your application.

Once your application is submitted, you’ll receive a response from the authorities. This response may be a decision on your application or a request for additional information. If your application is approved, the decision letter will provide details such as the monthly payment amount and the first payment date. After receiving this response, it’s essential to review the status of your application to stay informed about its progress.

Old Age Security Payment Status 2024

To check the payment status of the Old Age Security Pension for 2024, you can log in to your MSCA (My Service Canada Account). The link to access the MSCA account is provided on the official web portal of the Government of Canada. By checking the payment status, you can find out if the payment has been successfully delivered.

If, for any reason, you haven’t received your payment within the expected timeframe, it’s advisable to reach out to Service Canada for assistance in resolving any issues.




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