Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit: How To Join Olaplex Lawsuit? Payment Dates, Settlement Status, Eligibility

Get the key info on the Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit: How to join, payment dates, settlement status, eligibility. The lawsuit emerged last year after numerous customer complaints about hair issues. Stay updated with the latest news in this article.

Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit

It turns out that the hair products meant to strengthen and nourish hair might be causing excessive hair loss, surprising both the company and potential buyers. Claimants in the lawsuit argue that the company is selling subpar products. Even with Kim Kardashian’s top influencer endorsement on social media, the company faced a decline in its market value from $14 billion at launch due to numerous cases. The Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit revolves around customers experiencing more hair loss than usual. The company’s 2023 report reveals issues like scalp irritation, itching, dryness, and hair breakage linked to their products.

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex stands out as a top haircare product company, selling through retailers and salons. Millions of satisfied customers attest to the effectiveness and benefits of the products.

If you’re dealing with common hair issues like hair fall, damage, breakage, or dryness, Olaplex products have got you covered. The secret ingredient, bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, has been a key player since 2014. The California Garage served as the ideal spot for experimenting and perfecting the production process. Over the years, the company has seen substantial revenue growth through continuous product development and improvement.

The recent case from the Olaplex company

Many US salons rely on Olaplex products for cleaning, styling, and conditioning hair, despite testimonials from company officials and influencers. Skin issues persist, prompting the company to settle multiple cases. Customers seek legal action, emphasizing the need for upfront information on product contents to address hair issues, given the sensitivity and slow growth of hair. The case originated during OLAPLEX’s initial public offering, with the European Union banning the company’s ingredient, lilial, deeming it toxic. While the company argued it was non-active, the investigation links harmful effects to fewer contents like ascorbic acid, sodium benzoate, panthenol, forming a carcinogenic compound detrimental to hair health.

How To Join Olaplex Lawsuit?

To join the Olaplex Lawsuit, check your eligibility and submit essential documents. Include the product container with the total amount used, medical reports proving adverse hair conditions, proof of residency, receipts (offline or online), photos of the product and your hair issue, and screenshots of messages or emails if available. Don’t forget any other relevant information that supports your case.

Submit your applications on the official settlement website of the company. Once submitted, you can check the Settlement Status on the same portal. All settlement information will be communicated to recipients via the registered email ID.

Olaplex Hair Loss Lawsuit Payment Dates 2024

The company maintains that their products are safe, with no contents causing hair issues, backed by third-party laboratory tests. The case, now in court, addresses concerns raised by consumers experiencing serious hair health issues, including dermatitis. Officials are actively collecting evidence for justice, so applicants must be patient for updates on the payment date.


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