Obtaining an Ontario Birth Certificate: Process and Long Form Explanation

Updated on June 14, 2024

Take a look at this article to discover everything you need to know about obtaining an Ontario Birth Certificate, including the process and insights into what a Long Form Birth Certificate entails.

Ontario Birth Certificate

If you’ve recently had your first child or are expecting soon and feeling anxious about obtaining the Birth Certificate, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with all the essential details for getting one in Ontario. It’s important to note that only children born in Ontario are eligible for an Ontario Birth Certificate.

Parents who have officially registered their child’s birth with the Ontario Government can apply for and receive the Birth Certificate. The application process can be done online or through mail, and we’ve got both methods covered in this article. Just read through to the end and follow the steps outlined here.

Ontario Birth Registration

When your child is born in Ontario, it’s crucial to inform the provincial government. Upon delivery, complete and sign the Statement of Live Delivery form provided by the hospital or midwife. Send it to your local government office. This initial step is essential for officially recognizing your child as a Canadian citizen.

Once your child’s birth is officially registered, parents or guardians can request a copy of the birth certificate. This document serves as official proof of identity and can be used when registering your child for health services, obtaining a passport, or accessing other services. Furthermore, it serves as conclusive evidence of a birth occurring in Ontario.

Ontario Birth Certificate Overview

Article NameOntario’s Birth Certificate
Issuing AuthorityGovernment of Ontario
Dedicated PortalService Ontario
Birth Certificate Application Fees$25
Service Ontario Registrar General Contact Number1-800-461-2156.
Birth Certificate Delivery Time6-8 weeks
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Who can Apply for Ontario Birth Certificate

There are three types of birth certificates available for application: a standard birth certificate, a birth certificate with parental information, and a certified copy of registration. Eligible applicants for an Ontario Birth Certificate include:

  1. Individuals aged 13 or older,
  2. The person named on the certificate’s parents,
  3. Legal guardians, with a court order verifying custody agreement,
  4. Next-of-kin, executor, or estate administrator if the subject has passed away,
  5. Anyone with written authorization from the aforementioned parties.

A birth certificate provides essential personal information derived from the initial birth registration. It is recommended for individuals over the age of 16 and can be used to obtain various official government documents.

How to Get Ontario Birth Certificate

To obtain an Ontario Birth Certificate, you can either use the official Service Ontario website or opt for the mail-in application process.

For Online Application:

  1. Ensure you have the legal name of the person, their mailing address, guardian’s name, and a guarantor (if the individual is 9 years or older).
  2. Visit the Service Ontario website’s ‘Order a birth certificate online’ page at https://www.ontario.ca/page/get-or-replace-ontario-birth-certificate#section-16.
  3. Click the designated button and carefully read the provided instructions before filling out the online birth certificate form.
  4. Complete the Ontario Birth Certificate application form with all the required details, then click ‘Next.’
  5. Proceed to pay the application fees to finalize your application. Your birth certificate will be sent to you shortly after the process is complete.

If you prefer applying by mail, download the Ontario Birth Certificate application form. Complete the form, and then send it by mail to Service Ontario at 189 Red River Road, PO Box 4600, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

What is Long Form Birth Certificate

You might be asked to provide a long-form birth certificate by a government entity or an individual. The term “long form” can indicate a birth certificate that includes parental details or a certified copy of the birth registration, each serving different purposes.

The Long Form Certificate not only contains all the information found in the Short Form but also includes the names and birthplaces of the subject’s parents. This form is recommended for infants and children under 16 when parental information is required.

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