Ontario Grocery Rebate Coming in February? Check Amount, Payment Dates and Who Qualifies?{ 2024}

Updated on April 6, 2024

I apologize, but as of January 2022, when I last updated my knowledge, I was not aware of any specifics regarding an Ontario grocery rebate that would be implemented in February 2024.My training data doesn’t include real-time information, so I recommend checking the latest news updates, government announcements, or official sources for the most accurate and current details regarding any such rebate. If there have been recent developments, you should be able to find the information through news outlets or government websites.

Ontario Grocery Rebate Coming in February?

As the inflation rate rises across the country, there’s anticipation for an increase in the food margin as well. Authorities are projecting a 7% hike in food service taxes. This adjustment is expected to have a direct impact on the consumer price index for groceries and other food services.

Ontario, home to around 11 million families with moderate incomes, recognizes the potential strain this might pose. In response, the government has decided to offer a one-time payment as part of the Ontario Grocery Rebate. The precise amount of the refund will change depending on each person’s spending and financial stability. The goal of this program is to give these families financial support during these hard economic times. For more details on the Ontario Grocery Rebate set to be released in February, continue reading.

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What is Ontario Grocery Rebate?

While debating bills in the council, parliamentary authorities made a crucial decision to introduce a new benefit plan aimed at assisting citizens in obtaining essential groceries. The primary goal is to alleviate poverty in the country. Under the Canada Grocery Rebate program, qualifying individuals will receive a one-time payment. The designated amount will be deposited into their “My Account” for convenient access.

The Ontario grocery rebate is a component of the broader Canada Grocery Rebate. Under this program, families with more than four members will get extra help. As part of the grocery rebate, each person is qualified for a certain amount.

The household’s tax returns will be considered in computing the rebate.

The tax returns for the household will be considered in determining the rebate. It’s noteworthy that the food tax credit is slated to increase by 7 percent in the near future, impacting the overall food expenditure for families.

Check Amount For Ontario Grocery Rebate

Each case will have a different rebate amount, which will typically be between $225 and $628. A higher additional amount will be given to families with more than four members. The table below lists the precise payment information for each category.


Rebate Amount


USD 234

Married couple

USD 306

Couple with one kid

USD 387

Family with two children

USD 467

Family with three children

USD 548

Family with four children

USD 628

Retired couple

USD 255


The amount of the rebate will be given to single parents in accordance with the number of kids in their custody. The amount of the rebate will be awarded to divorced people who have shared custody in proportion to the time the child spends with them.

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If the annual household income exceeds the $39,825 limit, there will be a reduction in the rebate amount. Typically, the rebate amount is double the tax credits of GST/HST.

Payment Dates for Ontario Grocery Rebate

The program was introduced in July 2023, and it was expected that the procedure for submitting a rebate claim would be developed soon. The good news that the grocery rebate process would be accelerated and that the application period would begin in February was announced to Canadians as the new year got underway.

There is currently uncertainty among beneficiaries regarding their eligibility for the rebates. We will offer a detailed rebate schedule as soon as the office clears up any confusion regarding the amounts.

Who Qualifies For Ontario Grocery Rebate?

  1. The following categories contain the requirements that applicants must meet in order to be eligible for the food rebate:No Application Required: Those who qualify are exempt from applying for the rebate via any external links. Should they be eligible for the full amount under CRA benefits, the money will be disbursed to them automatically via paychecks.
  2. GST/HST Benefit Recipients: Those already receiving the GST/HST benefit are automatically eligible for the rebate amount.
  3. “My Account” Requirement: Applicants must have a registered “My Account” to qualify for the rebate.
  4. Processing of Tax Returns: Prior to the release of the rebate, the household must make sure that all outstanding tax returns are completed.
    Income Threshold: Families must have net incomes of less than $39,835 in order to be eligible for the rebate.
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Considering that the Grocery rebate is a one-time payment, interested candidates are advised to check their “My Account” regularly to stay updated and avoid missing any crucial updates.

Who is not eligible to receive the rebate?

If an applicant has unfiled tax returns from the previous year, they are not eligible for the rebate. Additionally, individuals who have spent more than ninety days in prison during the trial period are excluded from receiving the rebate. Furthermore, applicants employed as government officials in the council are not eligible to receive the rebate.

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