Ontario Minimum Wage Will Increase from October 2024: Check the Increase Amount and New Wage

Good news for Ontario residents! Starting October 2024, the minimum wage is going up. If you’re dealing with the rising cost of living, check out the details on the increase amount and the new wage on this page. We’ve got you covered with all the information in this article!

Ontario Minimum Wage

Your earnings matter, and the minimum wage sets the baseline for what you get paid. Whether it’s by the hour, month, or another timeframe, these standards vary across Canada. Right now, in the province, it’s at CAD 16.55. Rumor has it that there might be a wage hike—want to know more? Dive into the article for the scoop on the potential increase in Ontario’s minimum wage.

The Minimum Wage in Ontario Will Rise in October 2024

In Canada, minimum wages vary by region, often aligned with the Consumer Price Index (CPI), and they get adjusted in response to demands and inflation. Recent updates indicate that there have been increases in minimum wages over the past few years.

Exciting news may be on the horizon! Reports suggest that come October 2024, there could be an increase in minimum wage rates. The Council has put forth proposals, and pending approval, the Ontario Government will make the call on raising the minimum wage. Stay tuned for updates!

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Provinces with Different Minimum Wages

Room and board play a role in wage rates—providing meals and accommodation can impact minimum wages. Canada’s diverse regions showcase distinct minimum wage structures, influenced by factors like quality of life and government policies. Check out the details on minimum wages in each province below.


Minimum Wages



British Columbia




New Brunswick


New Foundland & Labrador


Northwest Territories


Nova Scotia




Take a look at the table, and you’ll notice New Brunswick has the lowest minimum wage, reflecting its developmental stage and lower cost of living. Meanwhile, Alberta, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Nova Scotia are setting the pace.

On the flip side, developed areas like British Columbia, Northwest Territories, and Ontario are consistently leading the way in economic development.

Categories of Minimum Wage

Wages vary based on the type of employment in Ontario. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. General: Workers receive a minimum wage of $16.55, determined by living costs and government policies.
  2. Student: Students earn $15.60 per hour, reflecting a recent increase from the previous rate of $13.40.
  3. Liquor: Minimum wage for liquor servers aligns with the general wage at $16.55.
  4. Hunting, Fishing, and Wilderness: Workers in these roles are contracted with wages specified; estimated minimum wage is $82.85 per duration.
  5. Home Workers: Those working from home are paid $18.20 per hour.

Important note: Before taking on these roles, it’s crucial for workers to establish contracts to ensure clarity and agreement on the terms.

Check the Increase Amount and New Wage

The minimum wage serves as a lifeline for households, ensuring they can cover living expenses. Following CRA and DWP regulations, each service sector anticipates a 5% wage increase.

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Estimated changes include a rise to $17 per hour for students, $19.20 for homemakers, and adjustments for General and liquor servers based on citizens’ needs. Guides working less than 5 hours expect $95.20, while those working more receive $165.75. These changes align with the cost of living, aiming to better support workers.

Calculation of the Minimum Wage

Minimum wages in various territories evolve in response to factors like the Consumer Price Index, hourly wage guidelines, and government policies, all geared towards meeting the Cost of Living.

The fluctuation in minimum wage is directly linked to the inflation rate. As inflation rises, changes in minimum wages are anticipated, with new rates typically issued in the upcoming financial year.

Should the proposal for a minimum wage increase gain approval in the council, the official details will be promptly released on the Ontario Government’s official website. Stay tuned for updates!



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