Ontario Photo Card: Overview and Application Process 2024

Updated on April 6, 2024

Discovering the Ontario Photo Card: A Guide for Non-Drivers in Ontario

If you’re 16 or older and not a driver residing in Ontario, this article is a must-read. Delve into the details of ‘Ontario Photo Card – What is it? How to get Ontario Photo Card’ for comprehensive insights and relevant information.

Ontario Photo Card

If you’re under 16 and without a driver’s license in Ontario, you can now get an Ontario Photo Card. This government-issued ID, in the size of a wallet card, includes your personal details like height, gender, date of birth, name, and eye color. The card is handy for non-drivers, allowing them access to various services like banking and official tasks. It’s important to note that holding both an Ontario Photo Card and a driver’s license or ID from Ontario or elsewhere is not allowed simultaneously. This article covers all the crucial details about Ontario Photo Cards, including the application process and renewal. Stick with us for more insights.

Ontario Photo Card Eligibility

Individuals aged 16 and above without a driver’s license are eligible for an Ontario photo card. To obtain this verification ID, you must provide your mailing address, proof of residence, guardian’s signature, and basic personal information. During the application process, you’ll also be required to submit two forms of identity proof.

If you apply for a photo card while already having a driver’s license, your license will be revoked as it’s not allowed to hold two valid licenses simultaneously. Therefore, if you currently possess a driver’s license and wish to apply for a photo card, you must surrender your driver’s license.

What is Ontario Photo Card?

Article NameOntario Photo Card
AuthorityService Ontario
PurposeTo provide photo-identification proof to Ontarians
EligibilityAbove 16 years without a Driving license
OPC Validity5 years
OPC Renewal Fees$35
Service Ontario Official Websitehttps://www.ontario.ca/page/government-ontario

How to get an Ontario Photo Card

To obtain an Ontario Photo Card, visit a ServiceOntario office in person. Locate a nearby Ontario Service Center to initiate the process. Bring original proof of identity (such as a passport or birth certificate) and proof of Ontario residency (like a utility bill or lease agreement).

At the ServiceOntario location, a photo will be taken to ensure clear identification on the photo ID. Therefore, make sure the photo is unobstructed, easily visible, and shows a neutral expression. Once you’ve completed the in-person application at a ServiceOntario site, expect your Ontario Photo Card to arrive by mail within 4-6 weeks.

Renewing Ontario Photo Card

The Ontario Photo Card is valid for five years, and you can choose to renew it. Online renewal is an option if you don’t need a new photo. However, if a new photo is necessary, the renewal must be done in person at a ServiceOntario center. If your current photo is over 10 years old, a new photo is required for the renewal process.

Getting or renewing an Ontario Photo Card costs $35. However, the actual cost may vary depending on when you renew your health card. You can make the payment using cash, Mastercard, Visa, debit cards, or certified checks. The renewed card will be issued within four to six weeks from the order date.


For individuals without a driver’s license, the Ontario Photo ID holds significant importance as a crucial identity document. Non-drivers find it convenient for everyday tasks such as depositing checks and returning items to stores. Locals prefer using the Ontario photo card when applying for services like opening bank accounts or obtaining credit cards, as it eliminates the need to carry more sensitive paperwork.


Who is eligible to apply for an OPC?

Applicants must be Ontario residents aged 16 and above who do not hold a driver’s license to be eligible for an OPC.

What to do If I have mutilated my OPC?

If your photo card is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can request a replacement for a fee of ten Canadian dollars.

Is it possible to take the photo from my phone for an OPC?

Certainly, individuals with smartphone devices can conveniently capture their ID photo at home using the Smartphone iD app. It’s a cost-effective and efficient option.

If you don’t have a driver’s license, we recommend applying for an Ontario Photo Card promptly. The process, as outlined above, is straightforward. With this note, we conclude this article.




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