OPPO Find X7 Ultra: World’s First Quad Main Camera with HyperTone Image Engine

Updated on May 6, 2024

On January 8, 2024, in Shenzhen, OPPO, a renowned smart device brand globally, unveiled the OPPO Find X7 Ultra, positioning it as the ultimate camera phone. This device integrates groundbreaking advancements in camera hardware, powered by OPPO’s sophisticated HyperTone Camera System. It also incorporates state-of-the-art computational photography techniques and benefits from professional-grade tuning by Hasselblad. Combined with its timeless design and premium user experiences, the Find X7 Ultra stands as a peerless flagship in its class.

“The Find X7 Ultra’s groundbreaking Quad Main Camera is set to revolutionize the photography experience, breaking barriers, and inspiring creativity. With the cutting-edge HyperTone Image Engine and our esteemed collaboration with Hasselblad, it elevates photography to an unprecedented level of artistic appreciation. Its premium design, sophistication, and top-notch features further solidify its game-changing reputation. Truly, it’s an Ultra in every sense.” — Pete Lau, Senior Vice-President and Chief Product Officer, OPPO

 OPPO Unveils Revolutionary HyperTone Camera System in Find X7 Ultra

Debuting in the Find X7 Ultra, OPPO introduces its groundbreaking HyperTone Camera System, featuring the Quad Main Camera and HyperTone Image Engine. With four 50MP cameras boasting large sensors, including two periscope zoom cameras, it pioneers a new era of smartphone photography by seamlessly bridging the zoom gap across optical focal lengths like never before.

The wide camera of the OPPO Find X7 Ultra marks a significant milestone as the first to integrate the cutting-edge Sony LYT-900 1-inch sensor. This second-generation sensor, tailored specifically for mobile devices, showcases improved power efficiency compared to its predecessor, enabling next-generation computational photography capabilities in a 1-inch sensor smartphone camera for the first time. The outcome? Captivating photos brimming with natural detail, perfect for crafting artistically nuanced stills. Equipped with a customized lens boasting an f/1.8 aperture and OIS, it also ensures a 50% reduction in reflection, all while offering a versatile 23mm optical focal length.

When you want to capture wide-angle shots, the Find X7 Ultra’s ultra-wide camera steps up with its 50MP Sony LYT-600 sensor. Sporting a sizable 1/1.95” size along with a 14mm equivalent focal length, a swift f/2.0 aperture, and a closest focus distance of 4cm, it’s tailor-made for dynamic macro photography or sweeping landscapes, whether it’s day or night.

The Find X7 Ultra proudly boasts the distinction of being the first phone to incorporate two periscope cameras, each equipped with class-leading large sensors. The 50MP 3x periscope zoom camera stands out with its impressive features, including a 1/1.56” Sony IMX890 sensor, an f/2.6 aperture complemented by Prism OIS, and a 65mm focal length. Notably, this sensor dwarfs those found in equivalent cameras in rival systems, making it the largest telephoto sensor in any smartphone. This substantial sensor lays the groundwork for achieving unparalleled telephoto results. Additionally, it offers creative flexibility with a near-focus distance of 25cm, ensuring that product photography, close-up subjects, and portraits captured on the Find X7 Ultra’s 3x periscope camera appear stunning.

Delve deeper into distant subjects with the Find X7 Ultra’s 6x periscope telephoto camera. Sporting a large 50MP, 1/2.51” Sony IMX858 sensor, it excels at capturing intricate details. Paired with a 135mm equivalent lens and stabilized by Prism OIS, this camera ensures steady shots even at extreme magnification levels. With a nearest focus distance of 35cm, it delivers strikingly clear images, whether you’re capturing expansive landscapes, concert scenes, or intimate telemacro photography.

Four Pioneering Advancements in Photography

Leveraging the formidable Quad Main Camera setup, the Find X7 Ultra pioneers four significant advancements in smartphone photography:

1. HyperTone Image Engine

The advent of computational photography has revolutionized smartphone photography, yet it has also introduced certain artificial elements into images. These drawbacks include an overly processed HDR appearance, excessive mid-tone and scene exposure, and exaggerated edge detail due to over-sharpening.

OPPO’s HyperTone Image Engine is engineered to maintain the authenticity of photos, safeguarding highlights, shadows, and mid-tones to ensure a natural aesthetic.

With the HyperTone Image Engine, you enjoy the complete advantages of computational photography without compromising the aesthetic integrity of high-quality photos.

2. Seamless Zoom Experience

Traditionally, photographers have regarded the range between 15mm and 200mm as essential for comprehensive zoom capabilities. While some smartphones offer partial coverage within this range, the Find X7 Ultra stands out as the first device capable of capturing high-quality photos throughout the entire spectrum and beyond.

With its Quad Main Camera setup featuring optical ranges at 0.6x, 1x, 3x, and 6x, complemented by AI-enhanced zoom technology, the Find X7 Ultra excels in capturing stunning stills ranging from 14mm to 270mm equivalent focal lengths.

Users can zoom effortlessly, confident that the Find X7 Ultra will deliver clear photos without compromising quality across all focal lengths.

3. Enhanced Portrait Mode with Hasselblad

Introducing the new Hasselblad Portrait Mode, a collaboration with Hasselblad to bring their renowned portrait style to the Find X7 Ultra.

Tailored with professional photographers in mind, the Find X7 Ultra’s Portrait Mode offers four distinct focal lengths: 23mm, 44mm, 65mm, and 135mm. Each focal length is meticulously calibrated to emulate the characteristics of various Hasselblad lenses, resulting in cinematic bokeh with exquisite foreground and background depth. Moreover, it boasts the capability to detect even the smallest details, such as a single strand of hair, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in every shot.

The Find X7 Ultra’s Hasselblad Portrait Mode also prioritizes individual nuances, preserving skin tones and distinctive features while minimizing shutter lag. Additionally, it excels in capturing portraits from distances of up to nine meters, providing users with unmatched versatility and precision.

4. Elevate Your Photography with Hasselblad Master Mode

The collaboration between OPPO and Hasselblad introduces a new era of artistic expression in professional-grade smartphone photography with Master Mode. This feature goes beyond conventional controls, offering advanced settings such as manual ISO, shutter speed, EV, focus, and white balance adjustments. Additionally, Master Mode grants users control over saturation, contrast, sharpness, and vignette when capturing JPEG images.

Master Mode is meticulously calibrated to replicate the characteristics of the revered Hasselblad X2D 100C camera, beloved by discerning professionals for its exceptional quality.

With Master Mode, users can personalize their shots to reflect their unique style, ensuring that every photo taken with the Find X7 Ultra resonates with their artistic vision.

In addition to capturing JPEG and RAW images, Master Mode introduces RAW MAX1 capture capability. This groundbreaking feature enables the capture of 50MP RAW photos, harnessing the full potential of computational photography. RAW MAX photos boast an impressive 13 stops of dynamic range and a 16-bit color depth in the BT2020 color space, delivering unparalleled image quality and versatility.

Sophisticated Style and Stunning Display

Building upon the elegant two-tone design of its Find X6 Series, OPPO has elevated the Find X7 Ultra to new heights of refinement with its strikingly crafted camera system and three timeless color options: Ocean Blue, Sepia Brown, and Tailored Black.

Power up the Find X7 Ultra and immerse yourself in its breathtaking QHD+ display, currently the brightest available, boasting 1-120Hz LTPO technology for seamless visuals and unparalleled quality. Whether indoors or outdoors, this display shines at up to 1600 nits, reaching an astounding 4500 nits when viewing HDR content, all enhanced with Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and a DisplayMate A+ rating. Whatever you’re doing, whether it’s watching, playing, or browsing, the Find X7 Ultra ensures an exceptional viewing experience.

When it comes to viewing photos, OPPO’s ProXDR technology enhances dynamic range, capitalizing on the Find X7 Ultra’s class-leading peak brightness. Moreover, ProXDR is set to be compatible with the Ultra HDR standard recently introduced by Google as part of its Android 14 announcement. This means that in the future, HDR photos shared and received will exhibit a brilliant, expansive tonal range, further enriching the visual experience.

Ultra Performance and Enhanced Privacy

Fueled by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 platform, the Find X7 Ultra boasts up to 16GB LPDDR5X RAM and up to 512GB UFS 4.0 storage, delivering unparalleled gaming experiences and seamless 4K video editing without any delays. Its dedicated security chip ensures that your private information remains inaccessible to anyone but you. Plus, with a privacy-focused VIP slider, you can effortlessly switch between notification modes or disable camera, location, and microphone access as needed.

Equipped with a sizable 5000mAh battery, the Find X7 Ultra effortlessly powers through a full day of usage. And with 100W SUPERVOOCTM charging technology, it can be fully charged in less than 30 minutes, ensuring you spend less time tethered to a charger. Additionally, 50W wireless charging capabilities allow for a full charge within 60 minutes.

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