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Pakistan floods: More than 450 children killed in ‘horror show’ with death toll feared to rise further

Updated on September 26, 2022

Save the Children’s national director in Pakistan, Khuram Gondal, stated, “Every day the impact of this horror show just grows worse and worse.

As the climate problem worsens, extreme weather events become increasingly lethal, and children are among the most susceptible populations.

We fear the next few days, when we might learn even more devastating information, especially if we are unable to provide timely lifesaving aid.

On Monday, as Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif flew to the south, where swelling floods of Lake Manchar pose a new threat, the United Nations’ refugee agency rushed in more badly needed help to the flood-stricken country.

On Sunday, in an effort to prevent the devastation of the city of Sehwan and many other villages, engineers hacked down an embankment on the banks of Lake Manchar to let the swelling floodwater flow out.

(AFP/Getty Images) A young boy at a Sukkur refugee camp.

One of the young residents of the Sukkur refugee camp (AFP/Getty Images).

Source: The Independent, with Acknowledgement

Mr. Sharif and Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto met in Sukkur on the rising Indus River and took a helicopter tour of the flooded areas from there. Sindh’s chief minister, Murad Ali Shah, updated Mr. Sharif on the flood damage assessment.







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