Renewing PR Card in Canada: Application Process and Renewal Fee Payment

Updated on January 23, 2024

Explore the information on renewing your PR card in Canada, including the application process and how to pay the renewal fee. The article provides various details about PR card renewal, application steps, and payment methods.

PR Card Renewal Canada

The PR Card serves as an official identification document confirming one’s status as a Permanent Resident of Canada. When traveling outside of Canada, individuals are obligated to present both their PR Card and passport upon their return.

If the PR Card is nearing expiration, Canadian permanent residents must initiate the process of renewing their PR Card.

What is a PR Card?

When permanent residents come back to Canada, whether it’s by plane, train, boat, or bus, having a valid PR Card is essential. It’s crucial for individuals to consistently verify the expiration date of their PR Card before departing from Canada. If the PR Card is approaching its expiry, it’s advisable to renew it before embarking on any travel.

If someone lacks a valid PR card or their card has expired, obtaining a PRTD is necessary for their return to Canada. It’s crucial for individuals to have either a PRTD or a valid PR card when boarding a flight, bus, boat, or train. Without these documents, they may not be permitted to board.

For new Permanent Residents of Canada, there’s no immediate need to apply for the PR card. The authorities will automatically send them the PR card upon immigration. However, it’s important for them to inform the authorities of their address to facilitate the delivery of the PR card. This information should be provided within 180 days of immigrating.

PR Card Renewal

If someone misses the 180-day window to provide their address for PR Card delivery, they may need to submit an application. It’s important to note that a $50 fee is applicable for obtaining a PR Card in this scenario.

The PR Card serves as a personal identification document, featuring essential information such as name, photo, signature, and other pertinent details. Primarily, it’s used to confirm an individual’s status in Canada. A Permanent Resident is someone granted permanent residency status in Canada, but it’s crucial to understand that being a permanent resident doesn’t equate to being a Canadian Citizen.

To acquire a PR Card, individuals must apply from within Canada. Authorities do not send PR Cards to non-Canadian addresses.

PR Card Renewal Application

To renew the PR Card, you can find the application on the official website of the Government of Canada. The application is part of a comprehensive package that includes an instruction guide (IMM 5476), specifications for photographs, a document checklist (IMM 5644), and the application form itself (IMM 5444).

The application form for PR Card Renewal is IMM 5444, and the instruction guide (IMM 5476) offers a detailed overview of the application or renewal processes. It covers various aspects such as definitions, requirements, important forms, eligibility criteria, and more.

Before completing the form, it’s advisable for individuals to thoroughly read the Instruction Guide (IMM 5476). Additionally, the application package includes a document checklist (IMM 5644), outlining the necessary documents to be submitted along with the PR Card Canada Renewal application.

PR Card Renewal Application

This application serves various purposes, including:

  1. Renewal of the Card
  2. Replacement of a lost/damaged card
  3. Changing the gender designation on the Card
  4. Changing Name
  5. Applying for the Card

Make sure to complete and submit the PR Card Renewal application along with the required documents. Failure to do so may result in the application being returned.

How to Pay Renewal Fee for PR Card?

If your PR Card has expired or is set to expire within the next 9 months, it’s advisable to apply for renewal. The renewal fee for the PR Card in Canada is $50. Before submitting the application, ensure that the processing fee is paid.

Application Fee50 dollars per person
Biometrics Fee85 dollars per person
Biometrics Fee (Family, i.e., 2 or more persons)170 dollars

To pay the Renewal Fee for the PR Card, individuals should use the online method. This requires having an email address and either a credit card, debit Mastercard, or Visa debit card. The receipt of the online payment must be attached to the application. The fee payment process for PR Card renewal in Canada is accessible on the IRCC website.

When making the payment, individuals have two options to determine the fee. They can either select the fee from a provided list or answer some questions to obtain the fee details. Once they know the required amount, they can proceed with the payment.





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