Quebec Tax Tools: Income, Sales, Salary, and Reverse Tax Calculators

Updated on June 14, 2024

Explore the comprehensive information about the Quebec Tax Calculator, covering income tax, sales tax, salary tax, and reverse tax calculations. The article is rich in crucial details related to these aspects.

Quebec Tax Calculator

A tax calculator is a useful tool for individuals to determine the amount of tax they need to pay. It takes into account factors such as tax rates, taxable income, and the tax year. In Canada, both federal and provincial tax rates apply, with each province having its own rates. The Quebec Tax Calculator specifically calculates income taxes based on the tax rates of the Quebec Province, which consists of four main tax brackets, each with its unique tax rate. After the calculation and payment of taxes, individuals are required to file their tax returns. If they have overpaid, they can expect refunds from the government in due course.

Quebec Tax 2023

NameQuebec Tax
Administered byRevenue Quebec
QST Rate9.975%
GST Rate5%
Sales TaxQST + GST (14.975%)

Quebec Income tax Calculator

Quebec province’s income tax calculator empowers taxpayers to determine the precise amount they owe. While the government issues refunds for overpayments, the reimbursement process can be time-consuming. Consequently, many taxpayers opt for the Tax Calculator to obtain accurate information about their payable tax amount.

To calculate Quebec Income Tax, taxpayers need to be familiar with the tax brackets set by Revenue Quebec. These brackets come with specific tax rates: the first bracket at 14%, the second at 19%, the third at 24%, and the fourth at 25.75%. It’s worth noting that these tax rates were previously 15%, 20%, 24%, and 25.75%, respectively.


Taxable IncomeRate
49,275 dollars or less14%
between 49,275 dollars and 98,540 dollars19%
between 98,540 dollars and 119,910 dollars24%
above 119,910 dollars25.75%

For the latest details on Quebec’s income tax rate for the current year and other pertinent information, individuals can access the official web portal of Revenue Quebec. It’s important to note that Canada employs a marginal tax system, wherein the applicable tax rate rises as an individual’s taxable income increases.

Quebec Salary Tax Calculator

The Quebec Salary Tax Calculator serves as a tool to determine the net salary remaining after deducting income tax. In addition to federal income tax rates, provincial income tax rates also apply. Individuals can ascertain their net salary by taking into account taxable income and the combined federal and provincial tax rates.

Taxable income represents the income left after applying deductions, exemptions, and credits to the salary. To alleviate the burden of tax payments, the government provides various tax credits and benefits.

Quebec Sales tax Calculator

The sales tax applicable in Quebec is referred to as the Quebec Sales Tax (QST), and it is determined by Revenue Quebec. To compute the Quebec Sales Tax, it is essential to be aware of the current rate. As of 2023, the Quebec Sales Tax Rate stands at 9.975%, while the GST Rate in Quebec is 5%.

There are two methods for calculating the Quebec Sales Tax: the Two-Step and One-Step approaches. For a two-step calculation, the QST rate of 9.975% and the GST Rate of 5% are used. Alternatively, the one-step calculation utilizes the 14.975% rate (in instances where the register combines GST and QST in a single step).

Let’s take an example: Suppose the price of a specific item is $50 before tax. To determine the Quebec Sales Tax (QST), individuals should apply the rate of 9.975% to $50, resulting in QST of $4.99. Next, applying the 5% GST on $50 yields $2.50. To calculate the total Quebec Sales Tax, simply add $4.99 and $2.50 together.

Quebec Reverse tax Calculator

To determine the amount before taxes using the reverse tax calculator, individuals need to be aware of the amount after tax, as well as the QST and GST. For instance, if the amount after taxes is $100, the reverse tax can be calculated by applying QST and GST on this amount and then deducting the resulting sales tax amount from $100.

In this example, QST would be $8.68, GST would be $4.35, and the total sales tax would be the sum of these two, amounting to $13.02. Subtracting $13.02 from $100 provides the Amount Before Taxes.



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