RCMP Firearm Application: Renewal, Status, and List

Updated on June 14, 2024

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RCMP Firearms Application Status

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police oversees the issuance and renewal of firearm licenses. Applicants need to meet eligibility criteria set by the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) and Canada Firearms Act. To apply, individuals must complete the RCMP Firearms Application on the official RCMP website at https://rcmp.ca/en/firearms, where three types of license applications are available.

Once you’ve finished and submitted your RCMP Firearms Application, you can verify its status on the official website. Given the stringent Canadian firearms laws, this article is committed to offering comprehensive information. It guides you through the step-by-step process for completing your firearms application, outlines license eligibility, and explains how to check your RCMP Firearms Application status.

RCMP Firearms Purpose

The Canadian Royal Mounted Police is responsible for various tasks outlined in the Firearms Act. These responsibilities encompass licensing, regulation, enforcement, and the implementation of pertinent laws.

The RCMP operates the Canadian Firearms Program, overseeing the registration of owners and the licensing of firearms. It’s essential for all firearms in Canada to be registered with the RCMP due to these regulations.

The RCMP is dedicated to promoting firearms safety in Canada through educational materials and training programs. These initiatives aim to help Canadians understand the importance of handling firearms safely.

The overarching objective of the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program is to enhance public safety by contributing to the reduction of firearm-related fatalities, injuries, and threats. The program advocates for responsible gun ownership, use, and storage, both nationally and internationally, as part of its commitment to gun control.

RCMP Firearms Application Status Overview

Article NameRCMP Firearms Application Status
Controlling OrganisationRoyal Canadian Mounted Police
Concerned Law/ ProgramCanadian Firearms Program
AimTo keep vigilance on keeping firearms in Canada
License Period5 years
RCMP Official Websitehttps://rcmp.ca/en/firearms/individual-web-services

RCMP Firearms License Renewal

To own, handle, or purchase firearms or ammunition, it’s necessary to possess a firearms license, which typically has a lifespan of five years and requires renewal before expiration.

The responsibility for renewal lies with the license holder. Approximately 90 days before the license expires, the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) sends a renewal notice along with a partially filled-out renewal application.

To ensure timely issuance of the new license, completed renewal applications must be submitted to the CFP before the deadline. Renewal can be done by mail or online through the RCMP website. Processing applications for accurate and complete licenses usually takes around 45 days, and there is a $60 fee for both the issuance and renewal of a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL).

RCMP Firearms Application Process

Upon turning 18 in Canada, the process to purchase your first firearm begins with obtaining a firearm license. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Determine the intended use of your license and familiarize yourself with the criteria for a Canada PAL, as gun ownership is allowed under specific circumstances.

Step 2: Successfully complete both the theoretical and practical segments of the Canadian Firearm Safety Course examination. The course emphasizes safe firearm handling, storage, and compliance with the law.

Step 3: Fill out the PAL application form, which can be obtained from your course instructor or completed on the official RCMP website.

Step 4: Attach your photo and any required documents to the application form via upload or attachment.

After a processing period of at least one month, your application will be approved, and your license will be mailed to you.

Check RCMP Firearms Application Status

If you’ve applied for a possession or acquisition license with the RCMP Canada and are eager to know its status, we’ve outlined various ways to check in this section.

However, it’s advisable to wait for 7-10 days before checking, as the typical processing time for an application is around 45 days.

To check your RCMP Application status online, visit the official RCMP website at https://rcmp.ca/en/firearms/individual-web-services. Access your application status through your CFP Account on the dashboard.

Alternatively, you can inquire about your RCMP Firearms Application status by calling the CFP authorities at 1-800-731-4000 and providing your application details. A representative will then update you on your application status.

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