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Shop Online and Pay With Checking Account On These 10 Amazing Stores

Updated on February 14, 2023

Convenient online shopping at a variety of retailers shouldn’t be limited to credit card holders; now, we’ll teach you how to use your checking account instead.

Where Do We Go From Here?
You may use your bank account to make online purchases, and you have the option of using PayPal, a paper check, or an electronic check. If you want to pay using a bank account, you can do so by visiting our online store >. Place Item in Shopping Cart > Look Here > Just click the “Pay with a Checking Account” button. Give Your Bank Information > Continue.
Amazon, Best Buy, Macy’s, QVC, Target, etc., are just few of the many popular retailers that accept payments through bank accounts.

How Do You Shop Online and Pay With Checking Account?

Buying things online is not only easy, but also enjoyable. If you’d rather, you may also opt to make payments on the merchandise over time.

There are just a few things you need to know in order to start shopping online with a checking account, and the first of these is how to transfer a check to an online business.
There appear to be three ways to accomplish this fantastic feat.

You may make a purchase with PayPal if you connect it to your checking account.
Make use of a digital check.
To pay by check, write a paper check and send it to the business.
To send or receive money online, many people choose to utilise PayPal since it is safe and convenient. Due to how simple the verification process is, a large number of businesses now use the PayPal service to take customer payments.

In addition, most e-commerce sites let you pay with your bank account and routing number. When all else fails, you can always go with a paper check or an electronic check.

At the end of the piece, we’ll delve deeper into the differences between paper checks and electronic payments. Watch this space!

You should always keep a copy of your receipt if you make a withdrawal from your checking account. If you receive a damaged or flawed product, this will serve as proof of purchase that you were entitled to a refund.

Online Shopping With Bank Account Number

Don’t have a bank or debit card? Don’t worry about it. You may buy things from your favourite businesses online and pay for them using a bank account number, or you can buy gift cards and use them like cash.

Online shoppers frequently use their checking account numbers as a payment method. Almost everyone on the web, including Amazon and Best Buy, allows it.
Money may be transferred quickly and easily by either sending an electronic check or setting up a PayPal connection. In addition, there are businesses that may function as go-betweens for your online financial transactions.

Attention! Keep your credit card information and other personal data safe by not disclosing it on online purchasing sites.

Select the websites you like that accept payments from your bank account and open them.
You may start putting together a shopping list by clicking here.
At checkout, select the payment method that works best for you: a bank account linked to PayPal, an electronic check, or a physical check.
Don’t hesitate to provide me the specifics of your bank account and any data I need.
Click the Next button to finish the transaction.

List of Online Stores That Accept Payment With Checking Account

Which preferences do you have to adjust in order to use your bank account for online purchases? Then, I have compiled a list of some of the best places to shop online, where you’ll find whatever you need.


Amazon is a one-stop shop for the highest quality new and used goods, including clothing, electronics, and just about everything else you can think of. Everyone in the United States has shopped with us at least once, so we don’t have to say anything to introduce ourselves.

Although PayPal allows for the use of a credit card, Amazon.com only accepts bank account numbers as a form of payment.
You will need an ACH-enabled personal checking account in the United States to make a payment to an online merchant.
To accomplish this, go to the menu and select “Shipment and Payment,” then “Add a Checking Account.” Account number and routing number (or ABA code) will be required in the next window.
Afterwards, you’ll need to detail the account holder’s name, address, and state ID number.
You may now continue shopping on Amazon after saving your updated account information.
Attention! We’ve made it clear that the number must be for a personal US bank account that supports ACH transfers; international numbers will not be allowed. Similarly, we cannot process numbers associated with savings accounts, businesses, or corporations.


We’re already avid fans of the fantastic deals that Target periodically provides. In-store customers have the option of paying with cash, gift cards, vouchers, and even rebate checks, but online shoppers at Target.com have fewer payment options.

When making an online purchase at Target, you’ll need to link your checking account to PayPal. You’ll need a PayPal account to complete your purchase if you don’t already have one.
Customers who have recently signed up for a PayPal account must wait 5 days before making their first purchase. The authorities need this amount of time to double-check your credentials and the information you’ve submitted.
As soon as that stage is over, you will receive an email.
After including everything you need in your shopping basket, select PayPal as your payment option. Next, enter your login details and proceed with the payment process.
Both Target and PayPal will send you an email confirming your order and payment details, including the money deposited and an estimated delivery date.


You may shop for men’s and women’s clothing, as well as electronics, toys, health and beauty aids, and more, at Bloomingdale’s online.

Similar to Target.com, Bloomingdale’s requires you to link your checking account to PayPal before you can make an online purchase.
Selecting PayPal as the payment option will take you to the PayPal sign-in page.
After entering your credentials, click “Confirm” to finalise the payment.
You will receive an email from Bloomingdale’s and another from PayPal confirming your payment.
They will also verify the amount sent and the expected delivery date with you.

QVC Online Store

Earlier in the piece, we explained that you can also send funds from your bank account by writing a physical check to retailers who accept it.

QVC accepts physical checks as a method of payment after online shopping is complete.
If you want to pay with a check or money order, you can do so during the checkout process.
By selecting it, you will be sent to the mailing address for the actual check.
There is a time limit of 10 days from the date of purchase or order placement for this to be possible.
Delivery will be cancelled if it cannot be completed by the specified date.

Best Buy

Best Buy has long struck itself as the go-to place for premium electronics and appliances. A wide variety of electronic devices fall under this category.

If a customer prefers to pay with a check from their bank account, they can do so using “eCheck.”
Faster and easier than linking your bank account to PayPal.
An eCheck number is issued by the account that is being used to make the purchase; you’ll need this number to complete the transaction.
It may take a few days for an eCheck to clear.
Remember that the package will be sent to you when the payment has been received and processed.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch is a store worth checking out if you want to keep up with the current fashion trends. The online shop accepts PayPal, which is the method of payment most customers choose.

The only way to accomplish this, like with most online shops, is to link your bank account to your PayPal account.
Once you have the account number, you may pay using PayPal by logging in and entering it.
The actual process of payment should be simple and rapid, with few necessary verification steps.
There will be two sets of confirmation emails: one from A&F, and another from PayPal.
They will also verify the amount sent and the expected delivery date with you.


When we need high-quality electronic and physical advertising materials, here is the place we shop.

Many webmasters and companies favour Vistaprint’s resources.
Fortunately, Vistaprint also takes eChecks in addition to the usual credit card methods.
Electronic check transfers are quick and easy.
A valid eCheck number is all that’s needed to access your account online.
The electronic check must then be shown at the time of sale.


Whether you prefer to buy in-store or online, Macy’s is a go-to for many Americans. True, it has regular consumers all across the world, not only in the United States.

A buyer’s PayPal-linked checking account number serves as a simple means by which to remit payment for a Macy’s transaction.
Select this payment method during checkout and proceed to PayPal.
The link will take you to PayPal’s sign-in page.
When the payment is processed, PayPal will notify you through email.
Macy’s will verify your order as well.


Nordstrom’s physical locations often provide fantastic in-store specials and spectacular annual events.

When making an online purchase, an eCheck is a convenient and secure method of payment.
The eCheck number may be obtained from the issuing bank, and then used in the online store’s checkout process.
Until the payment is completed, the order cannot be fulfilled, thus there may be a delay until the package reaches you.
Please allow a few days for the eCheck to clear.
We advise getting in contact with customer care for assistance if the wait time continues to increase.


Overstock.com has a little bit for everyone, whether you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, a new outfit, or some new toys for the kids.

Here, eChecks are accepted as payment.
In addition, you can use PayPal without linking a bank account.
In this case, all you need is the actual eCheck number that the bank has issued.
Before submitting the order, make sure all the specifications are met.
This service is provided at no additional cost to the customer.

List of Online Stores That Accept Electronic Checks

When shopping online, most consumers prefer to use their credit cards as a method of payment. One reason for this is that it is the most common method of payment in use today. On the other hand, there are certain establishments that accept electronic checks as a form of payment.

A Question: Did You Know? Electronic checks (often abbreviated eChecks, online checks, and internet checks) are a kind of electronic payment. They use ACH to move money from a customer’s checking account to a store’s bank account.

Our gathered list of online merchants who welcome PayPal and bank-to-bank eCheck payments follows.


For your convenience, Amazon accepts eCheck payments by bank transfer.

To add a checking account, click the “Add a Checking Account” option after you reach the payment section of checkout. Select it, then enter your name, address, account number, and other pertinent information.

Appliances Connection

You may use your eCheck through PayPal to make a purchase here. At checkout, you’ll see a PayPal payment option; pick that. You must also call (800) 299-9470 to arrange a personal check payment if you haven’t already done so when adding this type of payment to your profile.

Brandy Melville

In addition to PayPal, this online shop supports eCheck payments by direct bank transfer.


You may use your eCheck through PayPal to make a purchase here. Customers who want to pay with a paper check can do so by dialling (800) 951-3386. If you contact a representative from that company, they will tell you exactly what steps to take to pay with a paper check.


Walmart accepts PayPal eCheck service and actual checks for online purchases.

At the time of purchase, you will be given the option of selecting a payment plan. To pay with cash, select “Pay With Cash” and head to any Walmart location to make a payment in person. Once payment is received, your purchase will be processed and sent out.


Online payments using PayPal’s eCheck service are also accepted by eBay. However, the available choices may change from one vendor to the next. You’ll notice that the list of available payment methods includes “Personal Statement” as a separate entry.


After adding the necessary items to the shopping basket, go to the checkout page and select PayPal as the payment method. You’ll be given an itemised bill that you may pay with cash, cheque, or wire transfer.


You may pay for your Vistaprint order with a paper check, or an electronic check using PayPal. Once you reach the payment screen, you’ll be given the choice between the two. It will be made clear to you how to finish the purchase by paper check once you arrive at the store.

Please be aware that paper checks can only be mailed for purchases exceeding $10.

Extra Reading

Steps To Obtain Your Checking Account Number

When you open a checking account, you’ll be given a number. Furthermore, once you obtain the necessary number, you will be able to transfer funds from your bank account.

For reasons of security, however, we cannot provide this information over the phone. Simply bring in your identification and other necessary paperwork to any participating bank branch to get one.

If you look on the top of your monthly statement or in the upper left corner of your check, you’ll see the same number. In most cases, a check will include both a routing number and a checking account number.

You may also access it via your bank account online. The bank account number is displayed on the right side of the webpage.

Risks To Keep In Mind When You Are About To Shop Online and Pay With Checking Account

When doing online purchases, checking accounts are a safe and convenient payment option. The hazards involved with conducting business online, however, cannot be ignored.

The worry that one’s personal information may be stolen stands out among these. There has been an increase in the number of cases where a customer’s privacy was breached when making an online purchase, and if you give your personal information to shady websites, they may sell it without your knowledge or consent. Because of this, it’s crucial that you only do business with reputable websites.

After that, you must protect against the potential damage caused by malicious software. Loss of password is another possible outcome, so be sure to use a complex and difficult-to-guess password.

When buying anything on the internet, your sole line of defence is to never click on any links that look suspicious.

A lot of people pretend to be legit and steal personal details like bank account numbers from you. Before making a purchase from a new internet vendor, you should always check their feedback from previous customers.

How To Keep Your Checking Account Number Secure

Your bank account and routing information can remain secure if you follow a few simple precautions. Some of them will be discussed further down.

Keep your account number and other sensitive information to yourself at all times.

Many con artists are skilled at stealing personal data and exploiting it to commit fraud.

If you must make a payment online, it is recommended that you only disclose your account number during the transaction and that you do it from a reputable website. Account information should never be given out over the phone.

Keeping your software up-to-date is another another preventative measure you may take to avoid an incident.

As a result, you can be certain that the most up-to-date security methods will be installed on the device.

Last but not least, you should stay away from shared computers. This is especially true with public computers and other devices, as they are likely to retain sensitive information such as passwords.

Whenever you log in to a site on a new device, the browser will usually ask if it can save your login information.

Never choose “Remember Me,” and make sure to log out completely when you’re finished.

e-Checks and Paper Checks – In a Nutshell

Electronic checks and paper checks have several fundamental distinctions.

Several thrift shops provide a convenient option to make an eCheck.

They use a scanner to read the results of a very basic check. Payment will be automatically taken from your bank account when the gadget retrieves your account details.

Instead of getting your paper check back at the counter, the money will be taken out of your account instantly.

You may not need to mail in a paper check to some businesses anymore since they accept eChecks instead. If you give them access to your banking information, they can use it to create one.

So, what about regular old paper checks? The account holder’s name, address, phone number, licence number, bank name, bank number, bank fax number, and bank phone number will all be listed on this document.

Also included would be the bank’s routing number and the recipient’s checking account number for the monetary transfer.

This set of digits is crucial because it guarantees that money is moving between the correct accounts.

The information for a paper check has to be filled in by hand, in contrast to an electronic check. The account holder must fill in their personal details, including their name, the date issued, the amount, and their signature. The last note line is also required.

The memo line on a check is a place for the giver to explain the reason the funds are being dispersed.

Are eChecks Better Than Paper Checks?

It’s difficult to reach a conclusion because of all the conflicting evidence. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of each option and let you decide which one is best.

Processing times for electronic checks are significantly reduced.
Because the data is sent digitally within seconds, electronic checks may be completed far more quickly than paper checks.

They offer increased security as well.
Money must be in the bank account at the time a bill is issued for an electronic funds transfer to go through. This lowered the potential for check forgeries and fraud.

Competitive Advantages of Electronic Statements
With an eCheck, you won’t have to worry about printing, mailing, or paying for additional handling. Therefore, many firms are more open to them.

It’s hard to keep up with paper checks.
If you write checks on a frequent basis, you’ll need a system to keep track of the account number, the check number, the amount still available in the account, etc. Paper checks frequently have the wrong amount of money written on them, which can result in costly overdraft fees.

And They’re Dangerous, Too
Your ability to learn who will be in possession of the check you are writing is nil. Anybody who verifies your paper check will have access to a lot of personal data.

The Bottom Line

We did our best to cover all you need to know to purchase online with your bank account safely. Try out a few different online retailers to find the one that best suits your needs; your experience may differ from that of other customers.

Stay watch for an update to this piece if we discover further choices, and feel free to tell us about your own online shopping experiences in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What choices do I have if I wish to use my bank account to make purchases on the web?

Because of its rising popularity, you may now use this method of payment at a wide variety of eCommerce sites. The list goes on and on, but some examples are Amazon, Google Express, Best Buy, Macy’s, Vistaprint, etc.

Can I use my checking account to make a payment for an online food order?

Yes! Payment may be made from a bank account when purchasing groceries from internet retailers.

Do account numbers allow cash withdrawals?

Using just your account number, you can get cash from an ATM. There might be additional costs associated with this, though.

Can I use my bank account to shop at Walmart?

Yes. The retail giant Walmart now takes eChecks. One of the first big internet retailers to accept eCheck payments.