Snapchat Settlement 2024: Payment Details, Eligibility, and Dates

Updated on February 28, 2024

Discover everything about the Snapchat Class Action Settlement 2024: Learn about the payment amount, eligibility, and check payment dates. Our article gathers information from official sources to provide you with a comprehensive guide on the ‘Snapchat Class Action Settlement.’ Keep reading to find a wealth of information.

Snapchat Class Action Settlement 2024

In 2022, Snapchat faced a lawsuit accusing it of aiding drug dealers in exploiting the younger generation. While anyone could file the lawsuit, winning it proved to be a significant challenge. The company and the community explored various avenues to avoid paying the settlement.

Before this, Snapchat had already dealt with multiple cases for misleading users about screenshot notifications. Despite assurances, iPhone users found simple techniques to bypass screenshot detection, preventing the app from notifying the sender when a screenshot was taken.

Lawsuit Payment Amount 2024

The parent company of Snapchat has agreed to shell out $35 million to all its active users. Those who submitted claims through the application process are set to receive $16.35 each. Snapchat maintains in its privacy policy that it lacks access to geolocation, but allegations suggest the company misused its data collection practices. Reports indicate the sharing of Android users’ locations with a third party.

A user took legal action, accusing Snapchat of capturing biometrics through filters and violating user privacy policies. Despite presented evidence, Snapchat executives dismissed the claims and refused to shelter drug dealers targeting the youth. Snapchat, renowned for its disappearing messages feature, faced misuse of its privacy policy, allowing dealers to exploit teenage audiences for years.

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Snapchat Class Action Settlement Eligibility

Over 60 children, including teenagers, suffered drug overdoses, prompting parents to seek government action against the Social Media Platform responsible. We’ve outlined some eligibility criteria for the Snapchat Class Action Settlement:

  1. Claimants must be residents of the US utilizing Snapchat services.
  2. Applicants should have used Snapchat or its filters since November 17, 2015.
  3. Immigrants are ineligible for funds, as the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) applies only to US citizens.

Snapchat Class Action Settlement Payment Dates 2024

Judges on the jury accused Snapchat of trying to dismiss the case, a claim the company vehemently denied. Snapchat insisted on representing themselves in court, emphasizing their commitment to user privacy. The parent company, Snap Inc., has pledged to intensify efforts in promoting safety.

On January 2, 2024, dozens of families emerged victorious in a lawsuit against Snapchat’s parent company. The tragedy involved two children who lost their lives after using drugs supplied through the Snapchat platform. Eligible individuals are slated to receive the settlement amount by January 23, 2024. For those who opted for paper checks, delivery via postal services may take up to 30 days.

Unfortunately, the form submission process is now closed. Applicants who submitted timely applications will receive funds through electronic payments. Beneficiaries yet to receive any amount are encouraged to visit the official website and consult with experts who are dedicated to helping them secure their rightful settlement.

Snapchat Class Action Settlement Overview

Snapchat faced intensified scrutiny when a member of an affected child filed a lawsuit, claiming the platform has become a haven for drug dealers targeting teens with the distribution of ‘fentanyl,’ a drug primarily used for cancer patients. Fentanyl is a particularly lethal opioid for those under 18, and social media is identified as a significant facilitator in its illicit trade.

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The critical factor in Fentanyl’s heightened danger compared to other opioids is its ability to swiftly enter the brain due to highly soluble fats. However, when used without a prescription, it leads to fatal consequences. Drug addiction, being a brain disease, can have dire outcomes, including death, especially when it affects individuals at a young age.

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