SSS E4 Form: Download, Purpose, and How to Fill Out

Explore the SSS E4 Form Download: How to Obtain, Its Purpose, and Filling Instructions. Managing worker data is crucial for companies updating the SSS in the Philippines. Before diving into the ‘SSS E4 Form Download,’ we recommend reading this post to the end.

SSS E4 Form Download

People contributing to the Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines enjoy benefits like Retirement, Disability, and Maternity Benefits. PhilHealth, the national health insurance, is accessible to both residents and immigrants. Nonresidents can revive SSS benefits through contributions, needing proper documentation and work status. Filipinos working abroad can receive SSS and PhilHealth benefits if they contributed while in the country. Avoid downloading the SSS E4 Form from unauthorized websites to prevent misuse of personal data by malicious actors.

What is SSS?

The E4 Form plays a vital role in keeping precise records of an employee’s employment status, crucial for determining eligibility for government benefits. Citizens can voluntarily contribute to the SSS based on qualifying criteria, and to participate, workers need to contribute a portion of their income.

Employers supporting their employees must contribute at the 9.5% rate in 2024. Keep personal information updated in SSS records. Each SSS program has different eligibility criteria and payment structures.

What Is the SSS E4 Form Used For?

It’s crucial to update data promptly in the Social Security System for funding revival. Managers can submit the form on behalf of the worker, impacting their SSS benefits. If there are job changes or restrictions, employers need to fill out the SSS E4 Form to update the employment status. Mandatory details like joining and end dates must be provided. Updating all employment data is necessary for SSS benefits. In the unfortunate event of a member’s demise, employers must complete all tasks for form submission.

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How to Get the SSS E4 Form?

To update your information, follow these steps to download the E4 form from the official SSS website:

  1. Open your browser and visit
  2. Click on the “Forms” section.
  3. Look for the E4 form link at the bottom of the page.
  4. Select “Members Data Change Request” and download the application.
  5. The soft copy will automatically begin downloading.
  6. Print the application, fill in all details carefully, and keep a hard copy.

How to Fill SSS E4 Form?

Completing the application is possible either online or by visiting the nearest SSS office. Opting for the online method is more convenient with the provided guide:

  1. Visit the official website and log in using your email and password created during account setup.
  2. Select the file, either from Google Drive or your device, and drop it on the website.
  3. Edit and fill in the data in the designated spaces, and insert images for any required supporting documents.
  4. Once done, download the application or directly share it with the official’s email address.

For efficient editing and document management online, DocHub is a reliable platform. Access it to fill out the form as needed.

Detailed information on various SSS programs is available in our previous article on the Main Page. Feel free to visit for more related insights.



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