SSS ID 2024: Online Registration Guide, Payment Dates, Eligibility

Updated on February 19, 2024

In this article, we’ll explore SSS Online Registration for 2024, covering how to obtain an SSS ID, the online application process, payment dates, and eligibility criteria. The Social Security System, a state-run program, provides vital financial aid benefits such as pension funds to workers. Private sector employers and employees can access benefits like death, maternity leave, disability, sickness, and retirement through SSS. If you’re eligible for SSS registration in 2024, this article will provide insights into the online registration process, eligibility requirements, payment dates, and other essential details.

SSS Online Registration 2024

For Filipinos, registering with the SSS is a breeze and offers a straightforward way to secure a Social Security System number. The online registration process is not only convenient but also a hassle-free way that saves time and money for applicants. SSS Online Registration 2024 captures crucial information such as your SSS number, date of birth, address, full name, and more, enabling transactions with government agencies and financial institutions.

To register online, applicants need essential details and must navigate to the Federal Government’s official portal. Once registered, eligible members gain access to various benefits like retirement, disability, and specific funeral benefits. Additionally, members can also enjoy other perks such as loans and healthcare benefits.

What is SSS?

The SSS, or Social Security System, is the Philippines’ go-to program for social insurance catering to private sector workers. With an array of benefits, SSS covers essentials like sickness, disability, funeral, maternity, death, and employee compensation, ensuring comprehensive social security for individuals.

The SSS traces its roots back to the Social Security Act of 1954, specifically the Federal Republic Act no. 1161. To become an SSS member, one can be employed, volunteer, or self-employed, completing the process through SSS Online Registration. Employers play a role too, deducting contributions from employees’ salaries and remitting both the employee’s and employer’s shares.

How to get an SSS ID?

Before obtaining the SSS ID, you first need to register as a member. To secure the SSS ID, you can either do SSS Online Registration or visit a public SSS office. Here’s a simple guide for online application:

  1. Visit the official Social Security Service portal at
  2. On the home page, click on “No SSS Number Yet.”
  3. Click on the “Apply” icon and complete the required details in the application form.
  4. Attach the necessary documents to your online application and click “submit.”

Follow these steps to obtain your SSS ID online, but remember, you need to have your SSS number beforehand. Alternatively, you can also visit a nearby SSS branch to get your SSS ID.

SSS Number Online

To begin SSS Online Registration, you need to have your SSS number. Here’s how you can obtain it:

  1. Visit the official SSS web portal.
  2. Click on “Apply for Social Security Service number.”
  3. Complete the online form with accurate personal details and submit the SSS number application.
  4. Within a 30-minute window, you’ll receive your SSS Online Registration number, enabling you to proceed with the application for your SSS ID.

SSS Payment Dates

In 2024, eligible Social Security Service beneficiaries will receive their payments on the following dates:

  • Feb 29
  • Mar 29
  • Apr 20
  • May 31
  • Jun 28
  • Jul 31
  • Aug 30
  • Sep 30
  • Oct 31
  • Nov 28
  • Dec 31

On these dates, eligible beneficiaries will be granted their Social Security benefits.

Social Security System Eligibility

To qualify for Social Security benefits, individuals must meet the following federal eligibility criteria:

  1. Be at least 60 years old or in the last month of their 59th year.
  2. Have retired with no other source of income.
  3. Have contributed a sufficient sum prior to their retirement semester.
  4. Not be registered for any other allowances.

These criteria apply to SSS Online Registration for Social Security benefits.


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