Subaru Battery Settlement 2024: Updates on Class Action Lawsuit Payouts

Discover the latest on the Subaru Battery Settlement 2024, including payment details, eligibility, date, and amount. Every individual should have the freedom to drive, especially during emergencies. However, unexpected battery issues have affected Subaru owners. Many are anticipating the settlement, having filed their case a while ago and are now eager to receive their compensation as soon as possible.

Subaru Battery Settlement 2024

The idea of electric vehicles promised convenient travel, but the key is keeping the batteries current. Unfortunately, Subaru’s battery issues have become a life-and-death concern for many. The company’s failure to provide effective batteries resulted in accidents and problems for customers.

The claim amount totals around $4.1 million for those affected by the issue. Customers collectively took action by filing a lawsuit against the company in response to widespread concerns. The Federal Court has now ruled in favor of the claimants, approving the settlement amount.


To qualify for the settlement amount, only the claimants meeting specific criteria are eligible. This includes individuals who are permanent residents of the country, with the requirement to provide proof of residency. Those who have faced battery failure issues with their Subaru vehicles can apply for the settlement, necessitating documents like the purchase bill for the vehicle.

Eligible claimants must have a limited number of years of residency in the United States and be tax-paying residents. Required documents for the claim include payment bills, warranty cards, identification cards, and other pertinent records. Claimants need to fill out the settlement form accurately to proceed.

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Class Action Lawsuit Payment News

A crucial component of electric vehicles is their battery functionality, and Subaru fell short in delivering on this front. The company, acknowledging challenges, offers an extended warranty service, ensuring battery replacements for all vehicles post-settlement. Individuals who faced health issues, like accidents leading to disability, have applied for Disability Benefits in the USA, specifically SSI and SSDI, which provide monthly payments.

Legal action has been taken against the company’s misconduct, and the settlement amount will be promptly transferred to claimants’ accounts. Stay updated by checking the latest information on the leading portal.

Payment Date

Subaru Corporation, a prominent brand in the US electric vehicle market, emphasizes meeting customer needs within a robust business structure. Despite claims of flawless design and functionality, customer applications have prompted substantial settlements.

Customer losses are multifaceted, encompassing financial strain from EV purchases, accidents due to battery failures, and ensuing medical bills. Those with vehicle loans await settlement funds to ease repayments.

Settlement disbursements, scheduled post-lawsuit completion, hinge on possessing a warranty card and sharing images of affected battery systems. Stay updated on for the latest news, application status, and payment details.

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