2024 NZ Superannuation Updates: Increased Rates, Date, and Payment Schedule

Updated on March 29, 2024

Explore the 2024 NZ Superannuation Rates: Learn about the increase date, amount, and payment dates here. If you’re a senior ready to retire or have reached retirement age, discover the support available through Superannuation. This article provides details for the convenience of the elderly.

NZ Superannuation Rates 2024

In New Zealand, the government offers superannuation to support seniors, providing allowances for individuals aged 65 and above. The amount varies based on factors like assessable income, expenses, and the retiree’s lifestyle.

Superannuation serves as a financial resource for retirees, supplementing their income in lieu of a salary. The program operates on a flat rate, with singles receiving more than couples. It’s worth noting that NZ Super is not subject to income or credit asset tests.

What is NZ Superannuation?

The superannuation program, a vital component of New Zealand’s social welfare system, was established in 1999. The initiative came about during the tenure of the Honorable Dr. Michael Cullen, who, in addition to being the finance minister, recognized the importance of addressing the needs of both the current population and future generations.

While applicants can’t solely rely on NZ Super paychecks, the program serves as a valuable financial support, alleviating some of the overall financial burden.

The Super initiative was indeed a great move by the authorities. However, there’s a noticeable gap between the deposit and the average employee salary. Research from Massey University indicates that seniors require an average of $904 to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Retirees must carefully plan to bridge the gap between their post-retirement life and the amount received through Superannuation.

Superannuation Increase 2024

One great aspect of the program is that tax credits and salaries don’t influence the deposit amount; beneficiaries receive the determined sum from the authorities. The baseline amount of the program is expected to see an increase in the upcoming fiscal year.

The funds allocated for the welfare program have been raised to 2 billion, introducing a new state pension under the plan. This pension will be provided weekly. In recent updates, there’s news of an impending increase in grocery and food service costs in the country.

Due to the rise in consumer prices, the Superannuation program’s paychecks will reflect these effects. The estimated minimum cost of living for individuals is set between $4000 to $5000, while the annual expenditure for couples is marked at $6000 to $7000.

Superannuation Increase Amount 2024

Here are the standard amounts for the years 2023 and 2024, valid from April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024:


Weekly Amount

Fortnight Amount

Annual Amount

Annual Amount (After Tax Credits And The Income Limit Of $48,000)

Single and living alone





Single but living with someone





Couple (both then partners are eligible to receive the benefit)





Couple (only one partner is eligible to receive the amount)





If you’re employed, you can still apply for the benefit, but it’s essential to note that it will impact your tax returns for the following year. The welfare credit will be factored into your taxes.

Superannuation Increase Payment Dates 2024

The table below details the pay dates for the year 2024:


Deposit Dates


2nd Jan

16th Jan

30th Jan


13th Feb

27th Feb


12th Mar

26th Mar


9th   Apr

23rd Apr


7th May

21st May


4th Jun

18th Jun


2nd Jul

16th Jul

30th Jul


13th Aug

27th Aug


10th Sep

24th  Sep


8th Oct

22nd Oct


5th Nov

19th Nov


3rd Dec

17th Dec

31st Dec

The payment amounts are scheduled to be released on Tuesdays, with the next fortnight payment scheduled for January 2, 2024. If you’re wondering how to apply for NZ Superannuation, here’s a guide:

Candidates can apply during the 12 weeks leading up to their 64th birthday or after turning 65. Upon reaching out to work and contract officers for applications, individuals have 20 days to complete the process.

For online applications, retirees should obtain a client number. This unique number, provided by the work and income office, grants access to the application form. Register and log in to the “MyMSD” software to fill out the necessary details in the application form.

After completing the application form, sign it using e-signature and submit it. Note that once the verification process is complete, the applicant can expect to receive the amount through direct deposit within two weeks.

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