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“The Smurfs” In Real Life

Updated on September 26, 2022

All of us who have seen this hybrid live-action/computer-animated comedy agree that the characters are likeable and well-developed. Even if it’s impossible to meet a Smurf in the real world, these photographs will give you a good idea of what they look like. With that, please meet The Smurfs cast in their human form.


The evil wizard will kick off this list. Gargamel is easily recognisable by his massive nose and balding head. Patrick was a perfect fit for this role. He even went so far as to include a smurf in a cage to complete the ensemble.

2. JONNY 3D3

When was the last time you saw Papa Smurf ripped and flexing his muscles? In any case, this video will show you exactly what that entails. The image was uploaded to Reddit by user jonny3d3. Let me know what you think.


This animated short features Papa Smurf as imagined by Reddit user Macgyver75, who gave the figure a much more robust physique.


Vexy, one of the few female Smurfs in the second Smurfs film, sports a more rebellious appearance. Character is like an animated version of Jade West from Nickelodeon’s Victorious; she wears all black and has blue streaks in her hair. You can’t dispute how similar they are in appearance.


Lots of kids have dressed up as their favourite Smurfs characters because they are so popular with youngsters. Shannon Sims posted this cute photo on Pinterest. Who isn’t inspired to don a Smurf costume after viewing this picture?

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Many children have dressed up like their favourite Smurf because the cartoon is so well-liked by kids. This endearing image was shared on Pinterest by Shannon Sims. Absolutely no one can look at this photo and not want to dress up like a Smurf.