2023-2024 NHL Playoff Schedule for Toronto Maple Leafs

Updated on June 14, 2024

Are the Toronto Maple Leafs your favorite team? Well, buckle up! We’re about to give you the full scoop on the 2023-2024 schedule, so you won’t miss a single NHL tournament match.

Toronto Maple Leafs Schedule 2023-2024

The Toronto Maple Leafs, an NHL (National Hockey League) team representing Canada in the Eastern Conference, boast a rich history in hockey. With a remarkable 13 Stanley Cup victories, they stand among the teams with the longest and most prestigious hockey legacies. Originally known as the Toronto Arenas when founded in 1917, the team clinched two Stanley Cups in the NHL’s inaugural five years.

In 1927, under the ownership of Conn Smythe, the team was renamed the Maple Leafs, affectionately referred to as “the Leafs” by fans and the media. The 1931–1932 season witnessed triumph as Toronto secured the Stanley Cup, propelled by the talent of the “Kid Line,” featuring future Hockey Hall of Fame players Charlie Conacher, Busher Jackson, and Joe Primeau, all under the age of 26.

Toronto Maple Leafs Playoff Schedule 2023

Discussing the ongoing NFL season 2023-2024, the Toronto Maple Leafs have already competed in three matches scheduled on October 11, 14, and 16. Out of these, they emerged victorious in two matches and faced one loss. The upcoming match schedule for the team is provided in the table below.

Toronto Maple Leafs NHL Schedule 2023

October 19, 2023@ Florida7:00 pmAmerican Bank Arena
October 21, 2023@ Tampa Bay7:00 pmAmalie Arena
October 24, 2023@ Washington6:00 pmCapital One Arena
October 26, 2023@ Dallas8:00 pmAmerican Airlines Center
October 28, 2023@ Nashville7:00 pmBridgestone Arena
October 31, 2023vs Los Angeles8:00 pmScotiabank Arena
November 2, 2023@ Boston7:30 pmTD Garden
November 4, 2023vs Buffalo7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
November 6, 2023vs Tampa Bay7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
November 8, 2023vs Ottawa7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
November 10, 2023vs Calgary7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
November 11, 2023vs Vancouver7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
November 17, 2023@ Detroit2:00 pmAvicii Arena
November 19, 2023@ Minnesota8:00 amAvicii Arena
November 24, 2023@ Chicago2:00 pmUnited Center
November 25, 2023@ Pittsburgh7:00 pmPPG Paints Arena
November 28, 2023vs Florida7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
November 30, 2023vs Seattle7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
December 2, 2023vs Boston7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
December 7, 2023@ Ottawa7:00 pmCanadian Tire Centre
December 9, 2023vs Nashville7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
December 11, 2023@ N.Y. Islanders7:00 pmUBS Arena
December 12, 2023@ N.Y. Rangers7:00 pmMadison Square Garden
December 14, 2023vs Columbus7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
December 16, 2023vs Pittsburgh7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
December 19, 2023vs N.Y. Rangers7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
December 21, 2023@ Buffalo7:00 pmKeyBank Center
December 23, 2023@ Columbus7:00 pmNationwide Arena
December 27, 2023vs Ottawa7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
December 29, 2023@ Columbus7:00 pmNationwide Arena
December 30, 2023vs Carolina7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
January 2, 2024@ Los Angeles10:30 pmCrypto.com Arena
January 3, 2024@ Anaheim9:00 pmHonda Center
January 6, 2024@ San Jose7:00 pmSAP Center at San Jose
January 9, 2024vs San Jose7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
January 11, 2024@ N.Y. Islanders7:00 pmUBS Arena
January 13, 2024vs Colorado7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
January 14, 2024vs Detroit7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
January 16, 2024@ Edmonton9:00 pmRogers Place
January 18, 2024@ Calgary9:00 pmScotiabank Saddledome
January 20, 2024@ Vancouver7:00 pmRogers Arena
January 21, 2024@ Seattle9:00 pmClimate Pledge Arena
January 24, 2024vs Winnipeg7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
January 27, 2024@ Winnipeg7:00 pmCanada Life Centre
February 5, 2024vs N.Y. Islanders7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
February 7, 2024vs Dallas7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
February 10, 2024@ Ottawa7:00 pmCanadian Tire Centre
February 13, 2024vs St. Louis7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
February 15, 2024vs Philadelphia7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
February 17, 2024vs Anaheim7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
February 19, 2024@ St. Louis1:00 pmEnterprise Center
February 21, 2024@ Arizona10:00 pmMullett Arena
February 22, 2024@ Vegas10:00 pmT-Mobile Arena
February 24, 2024@ Colorado7:00 pmBall Arena
February 27, 2024vs Vegas7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
February 29, 2024vs Arizona7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
March 2, 2024vs N.Y. Rangers7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
March 4, 2024vs Boston7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
March 6, 2024vs Buffalo7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
March 7, 2024@ Boston7:00 pmTD Garden
March 9, 2024@ Montreal7:00 pmBell Centre
March 14, 2024@ Philadelphia7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
March 16, 2024vs Carolina7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
March 19, 2024@ Philadelphia7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
March 20, 2024@ Washington7:30 pmCapital One Arena
March 23, 2024vs Edmonton7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
March 24, 2024@ Carolina6:00 pmPNC Arena
March 26, 2024vs New Jersey7:30 pmScotiabank Arena
March 28, 2024vs Washington7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
March 30, 2024@ Buffalo7:00 pmKeyBank Center
April 1, 2024vs Florida7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
April 3, 2024vs Tampa Bay7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
April 6, 2024@ Montreal7:00 pmBell Centre
April 8, 2024vs Pittsburgh7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
April 9, 2024@ New Jersey7:00 pmPrudential Center
April 11, 2024vs New Jersey7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
April 13, 2024vs Detroit7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
April 16, 2024@ Florida7:30 pmAmerant Bank Arena
April 17, 2024@ Tampa Bay7:00 pmAmalie Arena

What is the NHL Schedule?

The National Hockey League (NHL), a professional ice hockey league in North America, comprises 32 teams, with 25 based in the United States and 7 in Canada. The coveted prize for the playoff champion is the Stanley Cup, recognized as North America’s oldest professional sports trophy.

In the NHL’s regular season, each team engages in 82 games, spanning from October through April. Following the regular season, 16 teams advance to the Stanley Cup playoffs, a four-round competition that extends through June and ultimately decides the league champion.

The NHL stands as one of the premier professional sports leagues in both the United States and Canada, earning its reputation as the top ice hockey league globally. Ranking fifth among the world’s wealthiest professional sports leagues, the NHL boasts significant income. Above the NHL in terms of revenue are renowned leagues such as the National Football League (NFL), the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), and the English Premier League.

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