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How To Transfer Money From Skylight Card To Bank Account With 3 Ways

Updated on August 14, 2022


If you know how to transfer money from Skylight card to bank account then this debit card can come in quite handy when depositing and withdrawing funds.

Many people who have been on the hunt for a prepaid debit card that works just like a bank account stopped at Skylight One card totally mesmerized by its interesting features and easy accessibility.

Note!Skylight One card is a Netspend prepaid debit card. It is issued by Regions Bank as a great tool for those who do not own a bank account.

Those who could not successfully improve their credit score can say bye-bye to credit cards but as long as the option of Skylight Visa Prepaid card and Mastercard stands.

They would have something that serves the same purpose!

How To Transfer Money From Skylight Card To Bank Account? Top 3 Solutions!

Many users are not aware of the complete protocol on how to transfer money from card to bank account but you will be relieved to know that it is quite easy, especially when we are talking about Skylight One card.

There are some safety regulations. Additionally, the transfer can not take place directly. However, if you stick to the methods that we have mentioned below, you can get this job done in no time.

Use The ATM To Withdraw Funds And Then Deposit The Money In Your Bank Account

This is the easiest way to move funds from your Skylight card to bank account.

You can use the debit card to take out cash from a nearby ATM and then deposit the amount in the bank.

This process is possible in the reverse as well i.e. you can use the ATM to transfer money from the bank account using routing and account number to the prepaid debit card.

Visit the ATM near you and insert your card.

Then tap on the transfer funds option. Choose the bank account and the money would be transferred right away.

Use a Third-party Platform To Create a Link Between Skylight Card and Bank Account

There are many online money transfer platforms that do not support direct exchange of funds between one account to another.

The smartest move in this case is to create a third-party platform that can act as a bridge between the two apps or the accounts.

For example, you can transfer money from Skylight card to bank account by first transferring the funds to PayPal.

PayPal accepts funds from a number of accounts including Skylight One prepaid debit card.

The amount in your PayPal account can then be sent to bank account if you have linked the two together.

First you have to link your PayPal account to Skylight debit card. This can be done by opening the account online and tapping on Wallet.

Then click on Debit and Credit cards and choose Add a Card.

Enter the necessary details of Skylight One card and tap Save.

Now you can send money from the prepaid debit card to your PayPal account after which you need to link the PayPal account to your bank account to proceed.

Again open the Wallet section in your PayPal account.

Click on Add card or Bank Account.

Choose to add a bank account and provide the relevant account number.

Recheck the information and tap on Agree to complete the process.

Note!Transfer of money from PayPal to bank account can take up to 5 days. If you are not willing to wait that much then Cash App and Payoneer are other reliable options to try.

Withdraw Funds Over The Counter and Deposit Money In Your Bank Account

Another method is to use the prepaid debit card over the count and request the teller to withdraw cash from your Skylight account.

This type of Visa and Mastercard transaction is supported at many branches.

Once you have the required amount of money, simply visit the bank yourself to make a quick deposit to your account.

Conversely, you can also request the same teller to transfer the money on your behalf by providing him with the bank account details.

Is The Skylight One Card Really Worth It?

This debit card comes with a bevvy of appealing features. It provides a robust online account and ensures that your assets are FDIC-insured, which helps both businesses and employees.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of owning a Skylight One Card.

Following that, you can decide whether the prepaid debit card is worth it for you.

Deposit Options for Online

Users can check their accounts online and contact customer service for assistance.

If you have any difficulty using it or transferring funds, help is only a phone call or email away.

You can also use the Skylight card at any ATM that accepts Visa or Mastercard.

This is really beneficial when you need to withdraw funds and transfer them quickly to your bank account.

Skylight Payroll Software

Paycard Innovators allows Skylight cardholders to participate in the Payroll programme.

It enables businesses to pay employees directly without the need for additional documentation.

Furthermore, the organisation handles the entire operation, so employers do not have to worry about management or distribution.

It is convenient, quick, and secure for multiple transactions.

Accepted by a wide range of online and offline businesses

We are constantly on the lookout for accounts that will come in handy when purchasing items online, as the majority of shoppers have shifted to online platforms.

Fortunately, the Skylight card may be used to make both online and in-person purchases in local markets. You will be informed of each transaction.

Wrap Up

Skylight One card is completely safe to use. All you data is secured online and you can review the detail via your virtual account. It is safeguarded by a secret PIN that you get to choose.

In a nutshell, Skylight is quite useful. It can be made even simpler to use by learning how to send money to linked bank accounts.