Today: Trillium Credit for November 2023 and OTB Payment Expected – Have You Received It?

Updated on January 28, 2024

If you’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of Trillium payments, it’s crucial to take a moment to peruse this article. Within its pages, we’ll delve into the Trillium Payment Dates for November 2023, with a set OTB Payment Date firmly established on November 10, 2023.

Trillium Payment Dates Nov 2023

On October 10, 2023, the Ontario government disbursed the Trillium payment, and since then, eligible recipients have been anticipating the announcement of Trillium Payment Dates for November 2023.

As a regular practice, Trillium payments are issued on the tenth of each month. Therefore, in November 2023, beneficiaries can expect their payments on the same date. We understand the significance of knowing benefit payout dates, and we want to inform you that the December Trillium payment is scheduled for December 8, 2023.

The Ontario Trillium Benefit is a tax credit tailored for residents with low to moderate incomes in Ontario, aiming to provide financial assistance. In this post, we’ll delve into all the essential details regarding Trillium Payment Dates, Amounts, and Modes, so stay tuned and continue scrolling.

Ontario Trillium Payment Today

The Trillium Payment is a combination of the Northern Ontario Energy Credit, the Ontario Sales Tax Credit, and the Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit. To receive these benefits, it’s crucial for you to apply and qualify for at least one of the three credits.

Families with lower to moderate incomes have the option to apply for the Ontario Technology Bank (OTB), a refundable credit designed to assist with certain living expenses. The province of Ontario disburses these benefits either in a lump sum or on a monthly basis, exempt from taxes.

To qualify for these funds, it is necessary to meet specific criteria related to residency and income. For eligible Ontario residents, the OTB payment plays a crucial role in alleviating their financial burdens. The authorization for the disbursement of OTB payments is granted by the province of Ontario to the Canada Revenue Agency.

OTB Payment Dates Nov 2023

Article NameTrillium Payment Dates Nov 2023
Responsible OrganisationCRA
Trillium BeneficiariesLow-Moderate Income families of Ontario
Trillium November Payment Date10th November. 2023
Trillium December Payment Date8th November, 2023
CRA Online

Trillium Payment Amount

The amount of Trillium benefit you receive is determined by your qualifying credit(s). Similarly, the OTB amount you receive is influenced by factors such as age, income, home, family size, and the rent or property tax paid. The CRA’s child and family benefits calculator can provide an estimate of your OTB.

For those qualifying under the Northern Ontario Energy Credit and are single, the potential amount is $172, while families can receive up to $265. Individuals aged 65 or older may receive $1,360 under the Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit, whereas those aged 18 to 64 can receive $1,194. Depending on your family status, you could receive $345 or more under the Ontario Sales Tax Credit.

Trillium Payment  Mode

If your OTB benefit surpasses $360, you have the option to receive it in monthly installments. Alternatively, at the end of the OTB payment term, you can opt for a single lump sum payment. If the total amount owed is less than $360, you will receive the full payment in July.

Trillium Payments are typically directly deposited into your bank account. However, if you haven’t set up direct deposits with the CRA, you have the option to receive a check. While checks take two to three days to clear, payments made via direct deposit are credited to your bank account on the same day.


What’s Canada Deposit Doing with My Funds?

As an Ontario resident meeting the income and tax criteria for the Ontario Trillium Payment, Deposit Canada is granting you funds.

How to Get the Annual Trillium Benefit in Ontario?

Included in your tax return package is the ON-BEN Application Form. To qualify for the Ontario Trillium Benefit each year, it’s essential to complete and submit this form alongside your personal Income Tax and Benefit Return.

Are Trillium Benefits Increasing in 2024?

While the OTB increases for 2024 haven’t been revealed, they typically come into effect at the start of the new payment cycle, spanning from July to June each year.

For Ontario residents, maintaining a decent quality of life can be challenging, making the Trillium benefit payment particularly valuable in such circumstances. With this, we conclude our article.


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