Upcoming Social Security, SSI, and SSDI Stimulus Check Delays: Eligibility and Payment Schedule

Updated on February 23, 2024

Learn all about the upcoming delay in stimulus checks for Social Security, SSI, and SSDI recipients. Find crucial details on eligibility and payment dates to address concerns for beneficiaries awaiting their delayed stimulus checks.

Social Security, SSI, and SSDI Delayed Stimulus Checks are on the Way

Americans have been eagerly awaiting the fourth stimulus, with the last one issued in 2022. Due to rising inflation, authorities are reintroducing the fourth stimulus check. By the end of 2022, the first three stimulus checks would have been distributed, and candidates can also claim any missed payments. To apply for the stimulus, filing tax returns from previous years is necessary.

Amidst economic struggles, the Housing and Urban Development authorities have raised property taxes for residential spaces, causing challenges for landowners. This has led to increased rental costs in certain areas. In response, the Government has decided to release paychecks to assist individuals grappling with these financial burdens.


To receive the stimulus benefit, candidates must meet specific eligibility criteria outlined in this section. Here, we’ll cover the fundamental requirements to qualify for the stimulus amount.


There’s no age limit for receiving the stimulus, as it’s distributed to all candidates receiving regular benefits under SSI and SSDI.

Candidates must be retired and older than 65 in order to be eligible for the additional $5200 pension benefit.


Interested candidates must be permanent and legal residents of the country, equipped with all the necessary documents that verify their residency status.

Income limit

For single individuals, the family’s adjusted gross income should be below $75,000, while families with more than four members should have a net income not exceeding $150,000. Candidates with a slightly higher net income are still eligible to apply, receiving half the benefit amount.

Asset limit

The candidates’ assets play a role in calculating the disbursement amount. This encompasses savings in cash or personal accounts, inherited properties, and other assets. However, the current resident’s house is not counted as an asset. If they own additional property outside the country, the value of that property will also be taken into consideration.

Social Security Number

Candidates must possess a Social Security number issued during the registration of their accounts with the SSA.

Disability Benefit

Disabled candidates need to submit all relevant documents, including medical or treatment prescriptions, to qualify for the amount. Those with a temporary disability will receive partial payment, while individuals with long-term causes will be ineligible for the full payment.

How to Apply for the Stimulus?

Candidates don’t need to apply for stimulus checks; if they’re already receiving regular payments through SSI and SSDI, their accounts automatically qualify. But only qualified applicants will get the stimulus money; the Internal Revenue Service will check every account.The stimulus checks will be deposited along with their regular paychecks using the direct deposit method into the “My Account” registered with the SSA.

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