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How to Use Kodi Builds with No Buffering? Everything You Should Know

Updated on August 14, 2022

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Kodi Builds and Add-ons are the real fun but how can you use Kodi Builds with no buffering is what every user wants to know more about.

When it comes to selecting Kodi Build for your Jailbroken Firestick it is imperative that you thoroughly comb through every feature of the potential build to shortlist the best one for your streaming needs.

The Kodi App installation is pretty straightforward however, the life and blood of the app lies in Kodi Builds and Add-ons, hence the selection of later is more crucial.

Builds should not be downloaded on the basis of their fame; in fact users must complete their research and then choose the best one for their streaming device. Here we have jotted down a quick list of Kodi Builds that are not only popular but offers zero buffering.

Kodi Builds With No Buffering – What are they?

The Kodi community is extremely user-friendly and comes up with updated version of their exclusive Build. Any user who is looking for a quick Kodi interface transformation with 4K HD content

can easily download any of the top builds listed below and say goodbye to the hassle of downloading repositories from scratch.

Individually downloading Kodi skins, add-ons etc can be tiring so one must opt for a Kodi Build instead that harbors everything you need on a centralized platform.

Reasons Your Kodi Is Lagging

Kodi builds buffering issue has a lot to do with the strength and speed of the internet connection. If your Kodi performance is lagging then it definitely needs better speed, a minimum of 0.5 Mbps as recommended.

Moreover, it may also result from a limited bandwidth from the streaming source which is not able to cater to the need of builds. In this case, too much congestion on the network, i.e. too many devices being used at the same time would result in Kodi builds with buffering issues.

One less explored reason is that of unsuitable cache settings. Where many users are not aware of this, wrong settings can cause unnecessary down-performance of even the best of Kodi builds

Top 5 No-Buffering Kodi Builds Details

With any of the Pandora builds listed below, you won’t experience any buffering while using a Firestick.

Magic that has no limits

This “No Restriction Magic Build” will be familiar to anyone who has used Kodi in the past. A wide selection of add-ons and recent upgrades have kept this build at the top of the Kodi heap.


A fantastic addition to the Kodi ecosystem, Kodi Titanium will appeal to both newbies and long-term Kodi users.

Mods for the Lite that don’t fit

Firestick users can download the Lite version of Misfit Mods, which features a simple user interface and takes up very little space on your device.


To save space, the 220MB-sized Streamline Kodi version has all the strong features you’d expect from a Kodi install.


To replace Durex Build, which has been discontinued, Xanax offers the same characteristics.

How Can You Use Kodi Builds With No Buffering Issues

If you have selected a Kodi build with no buffering issue and still are not happy with the experience then may be you should take some extra steps to improve the situation.

Here are a few pointers that would be extremely helpful when dealing with buffering issues.

1. Make sure your internet is working with at least 5 Mbps connection. Otherwise, you should lover the quality of the streaming to avoid buffering problem.

2. If there is any issue with the connectivity, move the device a bit closer to the router to eliminate the loss of signal due to distance and obstacles.

3. Check all other devices connected to the same network and, if possible, remove the ones that are eating away too much bandwidth.

Wrap Up

Installing Kodi add-ons can significantly improve your viewing experience on this streaming service. Most people, on the other hand, have encountered the problem of buffering and are looking for a solution. Fortunately, there are always no-buffering Kodi builds to try.

In addition, you can apply some of the ideas we’ve discussed above to improve the problem. This should, hopefully, help you resolve your issue. All the best!