Canada Disability Benefit 2024:

Planned for 2024, the Canada Disability Benefit aims to assist Canadians with disabilities; legislation received Royal Assent in June 2023.

Benefit Details:

Act outlines benefit broadly; specifics like eligibility and amount pending determination.

What is Canada Disability Benefit?:

Managed by Service Canada, CPP disability program provides monthly payments based on contributions for long-term disabilities.

CDB Payment Date and Amount:

Estimated benefit around $1,538.67; official payment dates post-enactment.

Bill C-22 Benefit:

Ratified in June 2023, Bill C-22 introduces Canada's first national disability pension, emphasizing poverty reduction.

CDB Eligibility:

Under 65, sufficient CPP contributions, and long-term or life-threatening impairments for eligibility.

CDB Application:

Apply through CPP form on CRA's platform; evaluation includes a Medical Report form.

Payment Dates:

Official payment dates to be communicated post-enactment of Canada Disability Benefits Act.