What is New Zealand Superannuation and who qualifies for it?

New Zealand Superannuation is the state pension for citizens aged 65 and above.

How is the pension amount determined?

Factors include lifestyle, location, marital status, and residency duration in NZ.

How much is the NZ Superannuation payment in 2024?

$496 per week for individuals, $458 for couples, unaffected by income status.

Is there an increase in the payment amount?

Yes, the recent increase reflects the current cost of living.

How does Superannuation compare to Canada's pension plan?

Similar to Canada's pension plan; check our website for detailed discussions.

What are the living costs in New Zealand?

Individual costs range $4000-$5000, family costs $6000-$7000 in 2024.

When are the payment dates for NZ Superannuation in 2024?

Second and fourth Tuesday of each month, likely February 13th and 27th in 2024.

What are the eligibility criteria for NZ Superannuation?

NZ citizen aged 65+, permanent resident, 10 qualifying years of residency since age 20, not income tested.