What is ODSP?

Ontario Disability Support Program providing financial aid to disabled individuals.

ODSP Increase Overview 2024

Anticipated increase in 2024 for essential needs and housing.

How Much Will ODSP Increase in 2024?

2023 had a 6.5% increase; 2024 rate not announced.

ODSP Payment

Monthly support with basic and shelter allowances.

FAQs: ODSP Benefits for Family of 4

Family of four: $1,027 ODSP benefits.

FAQs: ODSP Payments Increase in 2024?

Yes, July 2023 increase; 2024 rate awaited.

FAQs: 2024 ODSP Payment Date

Last working day monthly, excluding December.

FAQs: Secure Extra Funding from ODSP

Qualify for extra funding with specific medical conditions.