Assurance Package Introduction

Gov responds to higher GST with Assurance Package.

Aid for Low-Moderate Incomes

Package aids low-moderate income households.

Linking Funding to Consumer Prices

Assurance Benefit linked to GST and CPI.

Support: Medical and Business

Covers medical, aids businesses with vouchers.

Feb-March 2024 Payouts

SGD 1B for Assurance, SGD 600 general, and SGD 200 special payout in Feb 2024.

Seniors Bonus Details

Seniors below SGD 34,000 income get SGD 600-900. Refer to table for disbursement.

Property Ownership and Ineligibility

Multiple property owners ineligible. Annual house value must be $S2100.

2024 Payout Schedule

Direct deposits, no cheques. Different methods, dates vary.