Ontario Grocery Rebate Purpose

To alleviate financial strain from a projected 7% food tax increase.

Canada Grocery Rebate Overview

Part of a broader program assisting families with one-time payments.

Ontario Grocery Rebate Amounts

Vary by category, ranging from $234 to $628 based on household size.

Payment Dates and Process

Program introduced in July 2023, with applications starting in February.

Eligibility Criteria

No application needed; automatic for GST/HST benefit recipients with "My Account.

Title 2Automatic Disbursement

Seamless process, full amount automatically disbursed through paychecks.

Exclusions from Eligibility

No rebate for those with unfiled tax returns, over 90 days in prison, or government officials.

Cautions and Recommendations

Regularly check "My Account," complete tax returns, and ensure net income is below $39,835.