iPhone 16 Overview

 Exciting upgrades ahead, including spatial video support and Generative AI integration, making the iPhone 16 a game-changer.

Base and Plus Model Rumors

iPhone 16 base and Plus models to boast redesigns, AI features, and upgraded specs for an enhanced user experience.

iPhone 16 Design Leaks

Leaked prototypes hint at camera and button changes, offering a sneak peek into the iPhone 16's design evolution.

Insights into iPhone 16 Design

Comprehensive leaks reveal iPhone 16 base model design details, from schematics to dummy models, setting expectations for its appearance.

iPhone 16 Color Options

Expect expanded color choices for iPhone 16 models, with classic hues and new additions catering to diverse preferences.

Screen Size Changes in iPhone 16

 Pro models likely to get larger screens, while thinner bezels may enhance the overall display experience.

iPhone 16 Performance Upgrades

A18 chips, WiFi 6E support, and potential storage boosts in iPhone 16 promise faster performance and connectivity.