Webster Bank Class Action Settlement 2024, Claim eligibility for the upcoming payment

Updated on April 27, 2024

Webster Bank Class Action Settlement 2024, Claim eligibility for the upcoming payment

It seems there was a security slip-up at Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, affecting customers of Webster Bank. They discovered the breach on January 24, 2023, but it took until February 10, 2023, for Guardian to confirm the impact on Webster Bank’s data. Unfortunately, the compromised info included sensitive details like Social Security numbers, names, and account numbers. It’s unsettling when personal data gets into the wrong hands like this.

The defendants have agreed to shell out more than $1.4 million to settle the cases, which got bundled with similar lawsuits back in July 2023. According to the settlement agreement, folks covered by this deal should get notified within 21 days of the court giving the initial nod or by January 24, whichever comes first.

Now, here’s the breakdown: If you’ve got receipts showing you paid certain expenses because of the breach, you could snag up to $200 in compensation. And hey, if you had to put in time sorting through the mess, you could claim $25 for each hour spent, with a max of four hours.

But wait, there’s more. If you’ve got the unfortunate proof of identity theft or fraud, you could pocket up to $5,000. Plus, eligible peeps can grab two years of three-bureau credit and identity theft monitoring, complete with $1 million in insurance.

Mark your calendars though—the final thumbs-up on this settlement is set for May 20, 2024.

Who is Eligible?

So, if you got a heads-up that your personal info might’ve been caught up in the mess during the data security hiccup at Guardian from November 27, 2022, to January 22, 2023, you’re in the coverage zone for this settlement. It’s good to know who’s included so everyone affected can get what they’re due.

Who is Representing the Plaintiffs?

There are ten folks stepping up as representative plaintiffs in this case: Richard Andisio, Holden, Arthur Christiani, Johnielle Dwyer, Edward Marshall, Ann Marie Marshall, Pawel Krzykowski, Mariola Krzynowek, James Howe, and Cindy A. Pereira. They’re speaking up not just for themselves, but for all the other folks who’ve faced similar headaches. It’s like they’re leading the charge for everyone in the same boat.

Webster Bank Class Action Settlement 2024

Final Approval

On May 20, 2024, there’s a big showdown scheduled: the Final Approval Hearing. That’s when the court will weigh in on whether to give the thumbs-up to the settlement. If it gets the green light, they’ll also sort out the fees for the Class Counsel and figure out what the plaintiffs who’ve been leading the charge should get for their service. It’s like the grand finale where all the loose ends get tied up.

How can I submit a claim for a Webster Bank class action?

Make sure to get those forms in by April 24, 2024, if you want in on the settlement action. You can complete everything online, so it’s rather simple. Just head over to the ‘Submit a Claim’ page and fill out the form with all the info they need. Don’t forget to include how the incident affected you and any claims you’re making for compensation as per the settlement terms. Once you’re done, give it a once-over to make sure everything’s accurate, then hit submit. Easy peasy!

Submission via Paper Claim Form

If you prefer the old-school method, no worries! You can grab a paper claim form from the settlement website or ring up the Settlement Administrator at 1-888-680-3314 to request one. Once you’ve got it in hand, just fill it out with all the necessary details. Then, pop it in an envelope and send it off via snail mail to the Webster Bank Data Incident Settlement Administrator at:

Webster Bank Data Incident Settlement Administrator P.O. Box 2408 Portland, OR 97208-2408

Just like that, you’re on your way to getting sorted out.

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