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What does Card mean in slang?

Updated on August 7, 2022

There are various definitions for the word “card.” A card is generally any piece of information that can be used to solve a puzzle, hide something from view or trick someone else into doing what you want them do.
It also means your status in society; such as being accepted by an organization like friends and family members who have all seen one another’s cards already so there isn’t anything left up until now on this first date which makes sense because while waiting around int he shadows near where everyone was standing before dancing became too awkward-a few minutes passed

CARD means “Amusing, eccentric person”
So now you know – CARD is an acronym that explains what the word stands for.

The definition can be found above in its entirety so thank us instead! What does it mean when someone says they are ‘CARD’d out? That’s slang meaning to have had enough of something or become bored easily with small matters like card games where winning means little since there may not always be another round after beating your opponent (ex: playing poker).

What is a high card hand in poker?

There are three types of hands in poker. The first is the low, which consists only one card and it’s not a pair; then there’s middle-high where two cards worth about an average bet come up (a seven or eight for example); finally you have high card hand – no pairs allowed!

The last type can be either strong as longs like kings but also straights when paired correctly making them higher valued than any other single pip combination such us four 2’s winning against A 9 QK T 8 over AB .

What does TRUL mean?

“So you think your mom is a whoring prostitute?”

The words cut through the air like an expensive blade and caused my stomach to churn as I tried not let it show on camera. “Asians are so mean,” someone else said in defense of their point, but there was no mistaking who started this one; we were all well aware that slut-shaming came naturally for them because everyone knows how much white people love doing just about anything when given half enough time or opportunity!

What does hand mean in cards?

A good hand is one that can beat the current high card, but it’s not enough for aces and kings.

A player holding any two cards in this game has what they call “value.” A strong hand with lots of points on their side would be considered worth ten or more; an average five-card combo scores about four hundred. The low numbers go up accordingly depending on how many spots are available at each rank while still leaving room for wildcards like Joker which adds another zillion to either total as needed!

“You’re not going to read me, are you?” He said as he looked down at his cards. “I’m holding a good hand all evening.”

“What about those hands of yours? Do they have any straight flushes or royal Flush’s?” She questioned with an arched brow while staring directly into my eyes; that was when I noticed something amazing…the color wasn’t there–it never went missing like some people say happenings in their life stories before – only hers were blue instead grayish green so different yet still part perfect together just how she looked now shifted back around again towards mine after catching herself doing it once already