Workfare Special Payment 2024 Payout Date, Eligibility, Possible Increase, Amount

Updated on February 11, 2024

Discover important details about the Workfare Special Payment 2024, including payout dates, eligibility criteria, potential increases, and the amount. Retirement can be financially challenging, and this program assists individuals in building savings for their retirement years. To benefit from this, applicants need to provide relevant information.

Workfare Special Payment 2024

The program kicked off in 2007 with the goal of boosting Singaporeans’ savings. Recognizing the rising costs of daily necessities, it provides crucial living support.

Participants benefit from extra CPF contributions and cash payments as financial aid. Eligible individuals need to complete verification to receive their rightful amount.

Workfare Special Payment Eligibility

People with lower incomes often struggle to save for retirement, and in such cases, the government provides financial assistance. If you’re considering applying, check the eligibility criteria outlined here.

Eligibility includes:

  • Low-income earners, including employers or elderly citizens
  • Age requirement of 30 years and above
  • Permanent residency in the country
  • Individuals with disabilities requiring short or long-term care
  • For 2023, employees earning around $2500 and self-employed individuals with $500 per month (not increased to $2500)
  • For 2022, gross income should be the same or less than $2300 for self-employed or employees
  • Self-employed individuals need to provide Net Trade Income and make eligible MediSave Contributions.

To become a beneficiary, you need to submit income proof for the past 12 months along with your application.

Workfare Income Supplement Payout Date 2024

The amount is a significant benefit for individuals with disabilities, those earning lower incomes, and those addressing poverty. To fortify their retirement, it’s crucial to maximize savings.

Beneficiaries are entitled to receive $4200 annually based on eligibility, transferred via PayNow NRIC—60% as CPF Contributions and 40% as cash payment. Ensure your bank account is linked for payment receipt, with funds disbursed within 2 months.

Potential payout dates are 5th, 13th, and 23rd February 2024. Ensure your banking information is updated securely, without sharing login or account details with anyone.

Workfare Special Payment Possible Increase 2024

The Workfare Special Payment aims to provide financial stability in retirement, offering monthly Work Income Supplement shares. Here’s the Maximum Annual Payout in tabular form:

Age BandEmployed IndividualsSEP’s (Self-Employed Persons)
30 to 34 yrs old$2100$1400
35 to 44 yrs old$3000$2000
45 to 59 yrs old$3600$2400
60 yrs old and above$4200$2800

These benefits extend to eligible working citizens with higher pay and income caps. Young workers can start saving early, and those with disabilities gain financial independence through Workfare.

The workfare amount enhancement follows Central Provident Fund Board regulations, motivating regular work. Visit for the latest information and more insights on our website.

To claim the amount, beneficiaries can visit, complete the sign-in process, and find the direct link in the main menu to apply and check payment status.

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