How to Raise gCash Limit in the Philippines: Eligibility and Steps to Increase

Updated on March 4, 2024

This article guides you on increasing your gCash limit in the Philippines. Learn about eligibility, steps to boost your limit, and more. GCash, a versatile mobile wallet, facilitates bill payments, money transfers, and purchases. Users can set a monthly maximum limit for their gCash wallet. Discover how to enhance your gCash limit and qualifications in this article.

How to Increase gCash Limit in the Philippines?

GCash users are initially given a basic monthly limit of ₱10,000, extendable to ₱100,000 for fully verified users. Fully verified and enterprise users with multiple linked accounts have the privilege of receiving and cashing in up to ₱500,000 per month. To avail of these higher limits, users must contact THEA and the platinum digital assistant, who will verify the request for an increased gCash limit in the Philippines.

Developed by Mynt, a subsidiary of Globe Telecom, GCash is a popular mobile wallet application with over 76 million registered users in the Philippines. Beyond its primary function of sending and receiving money, buying loads, paying bills, and online shopping, GCash also offers additional features such as investment and insurance, making it a comprehensive fintech app providing various financial services.

GCash, with its diverse range of services, has contributed to a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6 to 7%, forming a solid foundation for the expansion of digital services in the market and bolstering GDP growth. More than 73% of the Philippine population engages in its extensive features, and this usage is swiftly increasing, now reaching 30% of the population. The Philippines faces a challenge with the lowest banking penetration rate, prompting consumers to seek alternative means to access financial services.

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To boost the gCash limit in the Philippines, users must complete a few essential steps. First, ensure your GCash account is fully verified. Next, link your account with BPI, Payoneer, Unionbank, or Paypal, and open a GSave account with a 100 PHP deposit. Follow these steps:

  1. Confirm that your GCash account is fully verified.
  2. Link your bank account or MasterCard to your GCash.
  3. Upon completion, expect a confirmation SMS indicating the increased wallet limit.
  4. After receiving the SMS, your bank account will be successfully linked, allowing you to hold up to 500,000 PHP monthly.

Who Qualifies for the Increase?

To enjoy GCash benefits, users must meet specific criteria. Having a valid Government ID is essential, while minors and foreigners may need additional documents. The increase in benefits is tied to the user’s GCredit limit, which fluctuates based on spending within the GCash wallet. To qualify for an increased gCash limit in the Philippines, users need proper documentation and a linked bank account. This ensures that authorities can facilitate the necessary adjustments.

How to Do It?

To raise the gCash Limit in the Philippines, connect your account with BPI, Payoneer, or Unionbank. Illustrate your income transactions by adding extra funds to your wallet through a linked bank account, cashing in at an outlet, or receiving money from a banking app.

To achieve this increase, meet the federal qualifications and fulfill additional GCash requirements. Simply qualify and follow the steps mentioned above to enhance your gCash Limit in the Philippines.


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